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Mount Allison Record Winter 2012 No. 99 -- New Series
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Back (L-R): Laura Stymiest ('11), Scott Lee
('09), Kavish Chandra ('09, '11), Charlotte Edwards
('09). Front (L-R): Dr. Chris Bryniak ('98)
and Dr. Nancy Grant ('69).
or some, life in a small town moves at a snail's pace. For others, it moves at the speed
of light. For Mount Allison students, the latter is the case. One minute they're
sipping coffee in the Bridge Street Café, debating a philosophical issue, the next they're
downing sushi on Bay Street, teaching school children in Sierra Leone, or performing
open-heart surgery (see story on page 12).
For grads, the present is fantastic (and the future looks pretty good too), but where did the
past go? Those prized minutes, once so deliciously enjoyed, fade in the swirling mists of time.
Think about when you were a student. It went by in a blur. In the true liberal arts spirit, all that
you embraced and encountered -- parties, lectures, and ideas, so fantastic in the moment --
converged to become a single, powerful experience that transformed you from a wet-behind-
the-ears high school student to a graduate ready to take on the world.
And take on the world you have. Your efforts have a daily impact on every facet of
humanity -- governance, economics, politics, and society, all changed forever. Big stuff,
yes? But not my point.
The point of this particular editorial is to exhort you to stop changing the world for a moment
and think of your time at Mount Allison. In large part, it helped get you to where you are
today and besides, it was a heck of a fun time. I officially invite you to put on a pair of imagi-
nary comfortable shoes and take a stroll down memory lane, basking in a nostalgic glow and
contemplating the best four years of your life. Do reflect on a professor who helped you think
about something in a completely different way, meditate on the best prank you ever pulled (or
had pulled on you), and remember the day you met someone who changed your life... forever.
You won't be disappointed.
Tony Frost
Record Editor
editor's note
Living at the speed of light