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am excited by the response to our focus on philanthropy in the last issue of the
Record, and I have enjoyed many interesting discussions with alumni, young and old,
as a result. One of the most common questions is particularly apropos in a difficult
economy when we are all working hard to make ends meet: `How can I best give back
when money is tight and I don't have spare time to volunteer?' Well, I've got a deal for you!
One of my focus areas during my term as president is to strengthen the bond between stu-
dents and alumni. It's an area that is so important to our strength as a community, and it's
where I need your help: We can form that bond before a student even arrives on campus.
I want you to think for a moment about the high school students in your extended circle
of friends. It could be the daughter of a work colleague, the son of a golf buddy, or perhaps
grandchildren of your neighbour. I encourage you to take a moment to share your story
with them. Regale them with tales of your past and invite them to consider the unique
and powerful qualities that the Mount Allison experience has to offer. You will be form-
ing a bond with a potential new Allisonian, which will benefit both the University and
the student as you instill that sense of community that makes Mount Allison so special.
If you prefer, a recruitment officer from admissions will be glad to provide you with
some information you can pass along to the prospective student. Of course, I would be
remiss if I did not suggest that if you need to brush up on your Mount A stories, a perfect
opportunity would be to join your friends and classmates at Reunion this year from May
11 to May 13. Don't be surprised if you come home with a few new stories to share!
So there it is: the most valuable gift you can give to Mount Allison is a new Allisonian.
We'll all be better for knowing them.

David Rose ('90)
Alumni President
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David Rose '90
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Sean M. Connors '81
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Andrew Clark '98
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Layton Fisher '57
Janet Harrison '87
Harriet (Bruun) Leggett '61
Harriet (Campbell) Meacher '60
Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse '73
Charles Scott '83
Michael R. Taylor '03
Colin Tippett '97
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Danny Williamson '03
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Carolle de Ste-Croix '90
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