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12 / Winter 2013 / RECORD
across the finish line
Mount Allison raises $96 million over 8 years
mpossible is a word that does not appear to exist in
Mount Allison's vocabulary. Present an Allisonian with
a seemingly unattainable goal and they embrace it as a
So when the University decided in 2004 to launch a
10-year, $86-million fund raising campaign at a university with
2,500 students and about 20,000 alumni, the question was not
could it be done, but how it could be done. To put it into per-
spective, $86 million works out to nearly $35,000 per student.
"Early on the consensus was that we would have a $50-million
campaign," says businessman John Bragg ('62), who was Mount
Allison's chancellor at the time. "We went to the campus and
came back with an $86-million wish list. We were sitting around
the table and we said, `Instead of $50 million over five years, why
not $86 million over 10 years?' It was a very bold undertaking for
such a small university."
But fortune favours the brave. In Dec. '12 the JUMP Mount
Allison campaign officially wrapped up -- two years ahead of
schedule and $10 million over goal.
"I think the rewarding part is we got to $96 million in eight
years. All of us associated with it really felt good about that --
that we started with a concept of $50 million and ended up with
$96 million," Bragg says.
President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell says the
most exciting part of the campaign is not how much was raised,
but what the University has been able to do with the funding.
"The vision of the JUMP campaign -- and the reason for its
name -- was that the funds raised would be used to take Mount
Allison to the next level," he says. "It has succeeded in spectacu-
lar fashion. The legacy of this campaign will impact students for
generations to come."
by Aloma Jardine