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Sandra Crabtree ('68), Purdy Crawford ('52), and John Bragg ('62) at a JUMP
Campaign celebration event.
Places like Mount A
need outside support.
The institution would
not exist without
generous donations
-- former chancellor John Bragg
Alumni Annual Giving Fund
of NB 13%
of Canada 3%
Alumni Annual
Giving 10%
Trusts 3%
Estates 14%
Donors 57%
Dobrowolski says. "It all goes to show
that people recognize Mount A as a good
place to build a strong foundation for
their future."
McCain says success in fund raising is
dependent on personal relationships and
making connections.
"Mount Allison alumni are very phil-
anthropic in nature and we were able to
tap into that," he says. "And we had great
leadership at the presidential level and
most people bought into the vision, into
the journey."
Bragg says it was a great satisfaction to
him to see many of the most prominent
families in the Maritimes support the
campaign, and says he hopes all donors
realize how vital they are to the success
of the University.
"Places like Mount A need outside sup-
port," he says. "The institution would
not exist without generous donations.
Yes, we get some money from govern-
ment and some money from student fees,
but they just cover the basic operating
expenses and not even all of that. We
have endowment funds for scholarships
and bursaries that all came from donors.
All the special projects we have done over
the years have come through donations.
The infrastructure on campus is mainly
from donors. Donors are absolutely cru-
cial to universities, but most especially
to small, residential universities like
Mount Allison."
University Enhancement 19%
Library 5%
Scholarships and
Bursaries 27%
Fifth Quarter
Club 3%
Friends of the Owens 3%
Memorial Gifts 1%
Class Projects 10%