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24 / Winter 2013 / RECORD
by Aloma Jardine
Mount Allison alumni are working across the country at the pinnacle
of Canadian journalism
ong before CBC News chief
correspondent Peter Mans-
bridge signed on to become
Mount Allison's eighth chan-
cellor in '09, before he was
awarded an honorary degree in '99, even
before his association with Mount Allison
began in '88 when he took part in the Stu-
dents' Administrative Council's Speaker
Series, the University had forged a deep con-
nection with Canada's public broadcaster.
When Mansbridge, one of the most well
respected and recognizable journalists
in Canada, steps away from his desk, his
place is often filled by Ian Hanomansing
('83), who works as occasional host with
The National, as well as a reporter based out
of Vancouver.
But Hanomansing and Mansbridge are
not the only Allisonians burning up the
CBC airwaves. For decades Mount Allison
alumni have been going on to work for
CBC, whether on the air or supporting
those on the air.
"When I went to Mount Allison I had
this idea I would have a radio show," says
Jennifer Beard ('97). "I went to CHMA
(Mount Allison's campus and commu-
nity radio station) and didn't think they
would give a show to a first-year, but they
did -- from one to three in the morning.
It was where I got my first love for radio
and it was really this that led me to start my
career at CBC."
Beard is a now a planning producer at CBC
Ottawa, working with radio, television, and
web reporters on long-term projects and
assignments. She believes there is good
reason so many Mount Allison grads have
gone into journalism.
"Journalism is a pretty demanding career
and Mount Allison is a pretty demanding
university," she says. "It attracts a high-
calibre person who is able to multi-task and
do a whole lot of different things."
That is an apt description of Vanessa Blanch
('99), the morning news editor and reporter
at CBC Moncton. Blanch spent six years
working full time while completing her
Commerce degree at Mount Allison. A few
weeks before graduation she realized that
while she liked her marketing job, she could