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Shirley Elaine (Lewis)
Chisholm ('43)
Submitted by Arthur Chisholm ('46)
Shirley Elaine (Lewis) Chisholm ('43) was
born in Petitcodiac, NB and educated in
Sackville schools and at Mount Allison
University. She met Arthur (Chis) Chisholm
('46) on a blind date in Moncton on Dec.
31 '45, her birthday. Shirley was then work-
ing in Moncton, but shortly moved back
to Sackville and lived at home, possibly
to be closer to Chis, who was working at
Mount A.
They were married on Aug. 20 '46 in the
University Chapel by Herbie Tucker, pro-
fessor of economics. They moved to Hali-
fax, and while Chis attended university,
she worked there. For the next 35 years,
while he worked and taught at Dalhousie
University, she stayed home to raise four
wonderful children.
In '83 they moved to Great Village, NS, his
birthplace, and lived in his old home for
some years, then in a new home with only
one floor as her arthritis progressed. They
participated in many community and area
activities. Shirley died Aug. 21 '12 at home,
the day after the 66th anniversary of their
Percy Hicks, former staff
Submitted by John Savoie ('87)
Percy Hicks passed away on Dec. 13 '12
at the age of 87. If you lived in Trueman
House from the '70s to the '90s, you know
who Percy was. He was a fixture at our
men's residence and a long-time employ-
ee of Mount A. His official title would have
been listed as a custodian but that would
not have done the man justice. Percy was
a man who enjoyed his job and the banter
that came along from working in an all-
male residence. Percy would not hesitate
to wake you from a deep slumber after a
night at Steve's Tavern to ensure you made
it to class on time! He loved to joke and
tell stories with the guys and for many of
us, he became a friend and someone we
could count on. He was a fixture in the
Midgic community from working in the
post office to playing the church organ
at the Baptist church. He enjoyed, even
in retirement, staying in touch with his
Trueman boys and the personal cards ex-
changed at Christmas meant a great deal
to him. We will miss Percy. He was a true
gentleman and a part of the fabric that
makes Mount Allison a special place.
Anne (Clowser) MacLellan ('59)
Submitted by Donna (Cox) Simon ('60)
A good friend and beautiful lady passed
away in Vancouver on Dec. 11, '12. At
Mount A, Anne was a member of the
Women's Council and Women's Athletic
Committee, high scorer and captain of
the field hockey team, and Miss Winter
Carnival 1959.
Mother to a daughter and six stepdaugh-
ters, she found time for knitting, curling,
water exercises, and was a seamstress
par excellence. She and husband Alex
wintered at their home in Mesa, Arizona.
There she enjoyed hiking, and took up a
new craft, woodworking.
She will be sadly missed by her family and
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