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36 / Winter 2013 / RECORD
ammond House, also known as Black House, has
been a fixture of the Mount Allison campus since
'58, when the University acquired the home from
the Black family. It served as President's residence
until '75, then as the residence of the vice-president academic for
several years before becoming an administrative building -- most
recently the home of the external relations department -- until its
closure in '09.
Those of us with long enough memories will recall the warm
and inviting atmosphere it offered when the President of the day
welcomed students, faculty, staff, and visitors to come by.
This beautiful historic building -- Sackville's only National
Historic Site -- will again have the opportunity to take a central
role in the life of the campus this coming September when it once
again becomes the official residence of Mount Allison's President.
Over the past three years the University has done some work to
stabilize and waterproof the foundation, repoint the stone work,
and repair the front steps, all in preparation for this fall's start of a
major restoration and renovation project of the home.
The $1.3-million project involves replacing all exterior compo-
nents of the building, including wood shingles, windows, trim,
roofing, and veranda, restoring the interior, and upgrading the
mechanical and electrical systems.
And planning is underway for a separate project to restore the
landscaping and the driveway.
In other words, when the job is finished, the building will look as
if nothing has changed -- apart from the fact that the more than
110-year-old home will no longer be showing its age. The restora-
tion project will roll back time for Hammond House, leaving it
looking much as it did when it was first built. And it will buy the
home more time. Our hope is this work will ensure Hammond
House is still being enjoyed well into the next century.
We look forward to seeing this national treasure restored to its
former glory and taking its place at the heart of Mount Allison
once more.
David Stewart
Vice-president, administration