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Mount Allison Record Winter 2013 No. 102 -- New Series
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Dr. Robert Campbell.
espite that old saying, I believe that all good things do not come to an end. In my
mind, they simply transition to an altered state -- one you can never return from.
And so it is with me. This will be my final column in the
Record, I am sad to say, as I
move to the next chapter in my life -- one back in my home province of Ontario.
Like your time at Mount Allison, mine has been all too short, but also like your experience,
my time here has changed me and, as such, will stay with me for a lifetime. Wherever I go,
Mount Allison will be part of my travels.
The beauty of the sandstone, the smiles of the students, the sheer smarts of my colleagues
will always play a role in my life, as will the many conversations I have had with the alumni
of this great school. It has been an honour and a privilege to share time with some fascinating
individuals. I have had the great fortune to meet movers, shakers, innovators, and flat-out-
interesting people. How could I ever be the same?
Of course, while I shake my head now at the impression Mount A has made on me, I really
should have known this would happen. I mean, Alex Colville taught here for goodness sake.
The Canadian flag was born here. It's been ranked #1 for so long, I'm beginning to doubt it
was ever ranked anything else. We have more Rhodes Scholars than you can shake a stick at,
Peter Mansbridge -- the voice of our nation -- is the Chancellor, and it is home to the best
students and the brightest faculty. Why, in a roundabout way, I even have Mount A to thank
for those delicious blueberries I have become addicted to.
Yes, suffice it to say that I will never be the same -- changed forever, for the better. And it is
why I am proud to wear garnet and gold and call myself an Allisonian. Heck, I may even write
my own class cheer. Au revoir!
Tony Frost
Record editor,
All good things come to an end