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blanket of pristine snow reflects the beautiful sunlight of a winter's day, and soon
the snow will give way to the renewal and rebirth that is spring. As my Presidency
draws to a close, we'll be doing a little reflecting and rebirth of our own, and I'd
like you to be a part of it: At the Alumni Annual General Meeting last May, a motion
was passed requesting that the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association establish
an Alumni Relations Task Force. Some alumni felt that this task force was required as a
result of alumni concerns regarding the relationship of the Alumni Board with the uni-
versity, its representation of the concerns of the alumni-at-large, and how the Alumni
Board communicates important information to its membership.
Over the course of the summer, the foundation for the task force was laid and potential
leaders were considered. At the fall meeting of the Alumni Board, a mandate for the task
force was adopted. The mandate calls for the chair of the task force to constitute a com-
mittee of five or fewer suitable, concerned alumni and friends, who will research, discuss,
consult, report and make recommendations to the Alumni Board regarding the future
relationship between:
(1) the Alumni and the Alumni Board
(2) the Alumni Board and the University
I am pleased to report that during the same meeting, the Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, CM,
honorary degree recipient and member of the class of '72, was appointed as chair of the
task force.
This task force will function at arm's length from the Alumni Board and the University,
and although past relationships may inform the discussions of the task force, its purpose
is to make prospective recommendations. The task force will consult with alumni and
friends in the course of developing recommendations. The results of their efforts will
be presented to the Alumni Board for consideration in advance of the next AGM on
Reunion Weekend on May 10-12, 2013. The report and recommendations of the task
force will be made publicly available to all alumni and friends.
You can read more about the task force at
I encourage you to participate in this exciting process. All of us on the Alumni Board are
looking forward to the report of the task force and your recommendations.
David Rose ('90)
Alumni president
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David Rose '90
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