Dearest Alice by Aloma Jardine FEATURE STORY Joan Borden (Smith) Harrison (’43) imparts a historical treasure to Mount Allison Sept. 19, 1879 Dear Miss Bluck, You will pardon the liberty I take in sending you the accompanying book. You were speaking of not knowing what to read. May 28, 1880 Dearest Alice, If it is so pleasant to find only a letter when we get home from a long walk, tired, what will it be by and by to find the real person there with warm heart and open arms. Before Byron Crane Borden became Principal of the Mount Allison Ladies’ College, long before he became President of Mount Allison, he was a recent graduate of the University, a newly minted Methodist minister on his first posting, and a young man very much in love. Borden, who graduated from Mount Allison in 1878, was posted to Bermuda in July, just missing Alice Bluck, who left in June to study at Mount A. Luckily fate stepped in and sometime after Bluck returned to Bermuda in the spring of 1879 the pair met. Between this formal missive in 1879 and their marriage in 1880, the young couple wrote a series of love letters to one another, detailing their lives in Bermuda and the sometimes rocky path of their courtship — Alice’s family at first objected to the match. Apr. 20,1880 Dearest Alice, It must be done and if we are firm I think their consent can be secured... I cannot bring my mind to think of going away up there for a whole year without you. The more I know and see of you the more you become bound up in my thought and life. 22 / Winter 2014 / RECORD