CLASS NOTES Boyd Hussey (’66) writes, “To all those 1950s Jon Anderson (’55), writes, “M wife, y Pam Sherrod Anderson, got three ela stars fromRoger Ebert for her Curators of Dixon School. O daughter Ashley Prenlder tice Norton has a best-seller (Chocolate Money) soon to be a m m ajor otion picture starringKate Beckinsale. AndI amwriting m m oirs. Here’saphoto of Pam and y em ela m in, where else, Venice. W see youat e e’ll the reunion. Lookingforwardto it.” who by chance have m ories of m I em e, would like to say m of you are as clear ine as today. I wish we could have never becom separated. It was like the beginning e of everything. I m you.” iss There’s a place that kindles intimate relationships and lasting memories. So many reasons to... Retired m professor emerita Nancy usic Vogan (’67) washonouredwithalifetim e m bership from the Nova Scotia M em usic Educators Association. The awards cerem includeda packedhouse withm ony any Allisonians, and a perform by M ance ount Allison’s Jazz Ensem ble. Jacquie (Ewart) Welsh (’68) is so happy to announce the arrival of her first grandchild, Thom Kirk W as elsh. Thom was as born Sept. 20, 2013andis the first in aline of future W elshs. Proud parents are Ben Welsh (’99) and Kristen W who are elsh residingin Fredericton, N B. 1960s Alex Fancy (’61), professor emeritus French and dram was nam one of a, ed two inaugural recipients of the new Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLH “O E) utstanding Volunteer Award” this fall. 1970s After retiring in 2011 Suzanne Atkinson (’72) published her first book in July 2013 titled Emily’s Will Be Done, a work of creative non-fiction. She expects her first novel, Ties That Bind, to be published m 2014. id 1-800-249-2020 The Cultural Crossroads of the Maritimes / 31