Joan Kean-Howie (’72) recently retired after 32 years in the public service, m ost recently as the director general for the National Research C ouncil lab in Halifax, N She says her career in m S. arine research and later in m anagem positions was ent very rewardingandher tim at M was a e tA great foundation for what ensued. Katherine (Palmer) Augustine (’84) is now hum resources m an anager at Eel G roundFirst Nation, N B. Linda Johnson (’85) writes, “In April 2012 m son andI travelledto Berm I y uda. stayed with Gordon Shaw (’85) and fam O third day, I witnessed a purse ily. ur snatching to a tourist by two suspects on a m oped. Recently retired from the RC P after 28 years, training kicked in! M Just m issing the suspects, a quick call to 911 providing the licence plate num ber, description, direction of travel, and our location. Police apprehended one suspect and searched for the second after a brief pursuit. Police recoveredthe victim purse ’s andbelongings im ediately. For m I got m e, flown to Berm for court twice, the susuda pect pled guilty on trial day and received 18m onths. That’s goodkarm a!” From Septem to D ber 2013 the ber ecem University of Toronto’s Thom Fisher as Rare Book Library m ountedthe exhibition Chevalier du bracelet: George Barbier and his Illustrated Works, whichArthur Smith (’75) curated, and authored the accom panying catalogue. This was the first NorthAm erican exhibition devotedto Barbier, aprolific Parisian illustratoranddesignerduringthe Art D period. eco Gerald Steadman Smith (’76) hosted an art showat the Shenkm Arts C an entre in O ttawa this past fall. Encounters featuredoriginal paintings by the artist. 1990s Dr. Patrick Lo (’92) recentlypublishedan interview article entitled, A Conversation with Robert Sutherland, the Chief Librarian at the Metropolitan Opera Library in Fontes Artis Musicae Journal, Vol. 60, Issue No. 2. He also jointly presented a paper with Kitty But and Robert Trio, Different Missions, Common Goals — Museum-Library 1980s Intaglio printm aker and M ount Allison lecturer Dan Steeves’ (’81) work What Lies Unseen was featuredas the cover story of the Fall/Winter 2014 edition of Devil’s Artisan #73 m agazine. The article was written by TomSm art. 32 / Winter 2014 / RECORD