Collaboration at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum at the 2013 IFLA C onference in Singapore. The full paper is available at: pair m during their last class reunion in et 2011, have stayed in touch, and are lookingforwardto the next one in 2016, which will be their 20thand25threspectively. Kip Jackson (’94) and professor emeritus Denise Corey (’97) has accepted the position of chief librarian of the C berum land Public Libraries, headquartered in Am herst, N S. C harlie Scobie publishedSackville Then and Now: New Brunswick’s Oldest Town in Photographs this fall. The book stem edfrom m an exhibition of the sam nam chaired e e by Rhianna Edwards (’87, associate librarian emerita), and held in conjunction with the celebration of the Sackville Township 250th anniversary. Donna (Beal) Sullivan, who worked in the UniversityArchivesfor m than 30years, ore also played a key role in both the book andexhibit. SEVEN DECADES we have had a special relationship with the people of Mount Allison University. We have welcomed prospective students and parents; celebrated graduations; hosted reunions; and accommodated alumni, visiting lecturers, honorees, and board members. We are a pre-Confederation Victorian home with 18 rooms and a fine dining room. We are a proud supporter of Mount Allison. FOR Stacey (DesLauriers) Merrigan (’99) writes, “After 14 years of trying to figure out what to do withm life, I’ve finallyfigy uredit out. Headedback to school this fall as part of U BLaw’s C of ’16.” N lass 2000s Meaghan Cameron (’01) writes, “C ongratulations on an awesom year of foote ball! It’sso excitingto see the teamin such great shape! Just wantedto let youknow , on Nov. 8 one of your awesom M e ounties andI celebrated16 years of beingtogether. W started dating the night after the e Dr. Jennifer Copeland (’96) (kinesiology professor at the University of Lethbridge) who was in Toronto for a conference, joined Stephen Carey (’91) at the Air C anada C entre to see the Leafs beat M innesota 4-1 on O 15, 2013. D ct. espite not being students together at M the tA, M ounties won their away gam against e StFXin the sem i-finals in 1997! M like uch the M football team we’ve weathered tA , m storm andhadm victories over any s any the last 16 years. Jason Doyle (’01) (#37) and I have been m arried for the last five years but our love story started on a cold “Why get a room, when you can get a home?” 55 Bridge, Sackville, NB E4L 3N8 MARSHLANDS INN 1-800-561-1266 See us at E-mail: / 33