As a result, Martin accepted a job as the international co-ordinator for the YMCA, representing the organization in all of their negotiations with the federal government. He has been working within NGOs ever since. He filled the CEO positions of Euro Action Accord, OxfamQuebec, and the International Federation on Aging before starting his own organization: the Forum for Democratic Global Governance (FIM). Since 1998, FIM has served as a meeting space for organizations from around the world to share their experiences and work together to increase their efficacy, hoping to strengthen civil society’s role in global governance. The organization is Southernled to ensure that the perspectives of all are incorporated into the work the organization undertakes, something Martin felt was important from the beginning. Though he has retired, Martin remains actively involved in international civil society, both through new projects he is pursuing and in consulting work. He also recently published his third co-authored book: Global Governance, Civil Society, and Participatory Democracy: A View from Below. 17