in particular Tisdale. While there is no formal program in art conservation, Tisdale, along with other members of the Owens staff have worked tirelessly to incorporate student internships into their activities at the Gallery, including conservation, art education, and exhibition planning and installations. “This is how my own experience in art conservation began, working as a student with Adam Karpowicz (the fine art conservator for New Brunswick),” says Tisdale. “I earned my Master’s in Art Conservation from Queen’s and returned to the Owens in 1993. I enjoyed being at the Gallery and working so closely with the artwork, while learning practical skills in the Lab and understanding the important applications of science and art.” Gemey Kelly, director/curator of the Owens, says it is amazing to watch how these experiences can change a student’s path in the arts. “Jane really serves as a role model for our student interns in experiential learning through her work in the lab.” Kelly also notes that many of these internship opportunities are made possible through the generosity of Mount Allison alumni and friends. “Through endowment funds and gifts from our alumni, friends, and many others, we have several students working as conservation interns on a regular basis,” says Kelly. “These experiences see many of our students begin contact with something they might not have thought about before, like art conservation.” 4 4. Meaghan Monaghan (’07) completes a microscopic examination of a painting by Dutch artist Elias van den Broeck, at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark, Kress, where she worked as their painting conservation fellow in 2012-13. 5. Sarah (Mullin) Shortliffe (’10) cleans a hand-carved mahogany chest by Ruth Lister 5 nservation Alumni who continued studies or worked in Art Conservation Meaghan Monaghan (BA ’07) (MAC ‘10 Queen’s University) Amy-Lynn Kitchen (BFA ’09) (MAFDA ’10 Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London) Sarah (Mullin) Shortliffe (BFA ’10) (MAC ‘13 Queen’s University) Emily Ricketts (BA, classics ’12) (MAC ‘14 Queen’s University) Aja Cooper (BA ’12) (1st year MA Conservation of Archaeological & Museum Objects, Durham University, UK) Alexander Gabov (BFA ’96) (MAC ‘00 Queen’s University) Jane Tisdale (BFA ’89) (MAC ‘93 Queen’s University) Leanne Gaudet (BA ’13, MA Art History, Carleton University) Were you an intern at the Owens? Let us know your experience!