1990s Sarah Young (’95) has been named the managing partner of National Public Relations’ offices in Halifax, Saint John, and St. John’s. Craig Katsuyama (’97) is the comptroller for IEX, a start-up stock exchange profiled in Michael Lewis’s book, Flash Boys and recently featured in the Globe and Mail. IEX is based in New York City. 2000s Liz Furber (’01) is thrilled to announce, loudly, that she married Glenn Cook this past June in Edmonton, AB. Among those on hand to celebrate the happy couple were Emily Herdman (’00), Corinne Haigh (’00), Jennifer Anderson (’02), and Jen’s husband Jason Miller, who spent enough time on our campus to be deemed an honorary Mountie. Dr. Patrick Lo (’92) is currently serving as associate professor at the Faculty of Library, Information & Media Science, University of Tsukuba in Japan. He recently published an interview article entitled, “A Conversation with Matthew Naughtin, Music Librarian at the San Francisco Ballet.” in Music Reference Services Quarterly, 17, (2014). He has also been invited to serve as the co-chair of The Fifth Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship 2015 in Osaka, Japan. 34 / THE RECORD / Winter 2015 Working in the Dark: Homage to John Thompson was recently published by Anchorage Press. Contributors include many Allisonians and friends including: Amanda Jernigan (’01), Peter Sanger, Andrew Steeves, Harry Thurston, Allan Cooper (’76), Rob Winger (’97), and Matt Holmes (’99) who all have contributed poems. Fine Arts professor Thaddeus Holownia, whose art studio is on the old Thompson property, contributed ten photographs of the Jolicure woods.