Scholarships and bursaries make it possible for us to recruit some of the most talented and creative students to Mount Allison. These awards are also extremely important to the academic success of many of our students. They ensure that no deserving student is prevented from attending Mount Allison because of financial reasons. Mount Allison’s program seeks to ease students’ financial burden and allows them to grow and foster academic, extracurricular, and leadership skills that they will use throughout their lives. Another important component of Mount Allison’s scholarship and bursary program’s success is the way in which it is administrated. Many departments play a role in the management of these awards at Mount Allison. University Advancement works to fund raise and promote the program to both donors and current and future students. The Registrar’s Office helps determine eligible recipients for the awards. Each application is individually reviewed and assessed by our hard-working admissions team. Financial Services ensures that funds are invested wisely and that all recipients do in fact receive their financial awards. Financial aid and awards from endowments has grown from $1,474,105 in 2005-06 to $2,124,170 in 2014-15 — an increase of 44 per cent. It truly is a community effort and investment. With this level of support, organization, and collaboration behind the program, Mount Allison is able to offer scholarships and bursaries that range from $2,000 to $48,000 to students over the course of their undergraduate university careers. But, while these services are essential to the programs success, the true marker is our students, including first-year Science student Monica-Marie Trembley. Monica is the recipient of a President’s Entrance Scholarship valued at $20,000, as well as the George Semeluk Scholarship, which is awarded by the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations. When asked about how these awards have helped her, she says, “I feel so blessed to have received these scholarships as they have allowed me to focus on my undergraduate studies rather than worry about the financial cost of my education. This is reflected in my 4.18 GPA. If I hadn’t received these scholarships I would not have been able to attend Mount Allison and experience its unique and engaging community.” Scholarships and Bursaries A community effort and reward at Mount Allison Mount Allison prides itself on having a very generous scholarship and bursary program with over $2-million available in awards. In 2014, approximately 76 per cent of our entering class received an entrance award and many benefitted from in-term, need-based financial aid bursaries. A large part of this successful program is attributed to you — our alumni and friends — who so generously support scholarships and bursaries. This is evident in the many awards established by our alumni and friends — The Joyce Foundation Purdy Crawford Bursary, established this year; the Class of 1964 student bursaries; and the Marjorie Young Bell Scholarships and Achievement Awards are wonderful examples of this strong support. Dr. Karen Grant Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research 36 / 36 / RECORD / Winter 20152015 THE THE RECORD / Winter