Mount Allison student in Thornton House.Applying for residence is quick and easy.

To apply for residence, you must wait until:

  • you have an offer of admission to Mount Allison
  • you have activated your MtA e-mail account


Get the residence you want

With 8 unique residences, we want to make sure you get to live in the residence that is the perfect fit for you. To make sure you get the residence you want:

  • Pay your registration deposit
    Registration deposits are $100 for domestic students/permanent residents and $250 for international students. This confirms your acceptance to your offer of admission to Mount Allison. We base residence assignments on the date you paid your registration deposit so the earlier you pay this deposit the closer you are to the top of the list for placement.
  • Pay your $500 residence deposit
    To receive your room assignment, you must pay your $500 residence deposit.

To pay your deposits, see fee payment.

Schedule for residence assignments for students entering MtA in September:

  • Early bird room assignment โ€” Deadline March 1
    To be included in the first round of room assignments, submit your registration deposit and your $500 residence deposit by March 1. Early bird room assignments will be sent out by the end of March.
  • Second round room draw โ€” End of March
    Those who have submitted both deposits before the end of March will be included in this draw.
  • After the second room draw โ€” Rolling basis
    Room assignments will be sent to students on a rolling basis once an application has been submitted and both deposits have been paid.

Refund of residence deposit for incoming September students
If you decide not to attend Mount Allison after paying the residence deposit, you may withdraw from the University by submitting written notification to by May 3 to receive a full refund ($500) of the residence deposit. If you withdraw after May 3 but prior to July 15, you will receive a $250 refund. See refund schedule in section 4.2.3 of the online academic calendar.

Students entering in January
Your room assignment will be assigned to you on a rolling basis once we have received your $100 registration deposit, $250 residence deposit, residence application and $50 residence application fee. The residence deposit is fully refundable until Nov. 20. See section 4.2.7 of the online academic calendar.