Hewson Cup (1906-1908): The first intercollegiate hockey trophy Mount Allison competed for was the Hewson Cup. It was offered by E.E. Hewson, of Amherst, Nova Scotia’s Hewson Wollen [sic] Mills, in 1905, and accepted by a newly inaugurated intercollegiate league in 1906. The rules stipulated that the team that won the trophy three times would be able to keep the cup permanently. Teams competing for the award included UNB, Acadia, St. Francis Xavier (St. FX) and Mount Allison. In 1908, King's College also joined the league. St. FX was victorious in the first three years, and the league was disbanded in 1909.

Sumner Cup (1909- ): F.W. Sumner of Moncton donated the Sumner Cup to the new Intercollegiate Hockey League, which formed in 1909, and consisted of Acadia, Mount Allison and UNB. The cup was won the first year by UNB, and the next year by Acadia. In 1911, King's College joined the league, but a dispute over game rules in the championship match between Acadia and UNB resulted in the cup not being awarded that year. Intercollegiate hockey was banned in 1912, but resumed the following year and King's College won the cup. Mount Allison then prevailed to win the trophy in 1914 and 1915, and kept the trophy for the duration of WWI while play was suspended. The cup was not awarded again until 1921, and Mount Allison went on to win the Sumner Cup again in 1922 and 1927.

Brown Trophy (1914- ): Winners of the western and eastern Maritime intercollegiate hockey leagues competed against each other for the Brown Trophy. The western league, which included Mount Allison, formed in 1909, disbanded in 1912, reformed in 1913, and was discontinued once again in 1916 for the duration of the war. The eastern league, which included Halifax Tech., St. FX and Dalhousie University, was formed during the 1913-14 season. Mount Allison, winner of the western intercollegiate league in 1914 and 1915, went on to win the Brown Trophy in 1914 over Dalhousie, but lost the trophy in 1915 to St. FX.

Interclass Hockey Cup (ca. 1907- ): Competition for an interclass hockey cup began between 1907 and 1911, when it was won first by the Class of 1911. The Male Academy also competed for the cup, and won it at least once in 1918. Teams continued to vie for the trophy through WWI and into the early 1920s.

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Sumner Cup

University interclass (Class of 1911) hockey team, winners of interclass hockey trophy, [1907?]

Male Academy interclass hockey team, winners of interclass hockey trophy, 1918

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