• 1840s: handball is played on court in Academy playground
  • 1840s, late: hurley is played
  • 1855: Ladies’ College gymnasium is built
  • 1861: Male Academy gymnasium is built
  • 1864: Ladies’ College receives its first instructor in calisthenics, Julia A. Goodhue
  • 1869: Mary E. Pickard, second Ladies’ College calisthenics instructor, departs. No calisthenics instructor again until 1887
  • 1869, Oct.: Mount Allison plays first recorded sports match: Academy vs. Sackville cricket team (the "Star Club")
  • 1870, Sep.: University forms cricket club and plays match against Sackville Cricket Club
  • 1876: first University gymnasium is built
  • 1876, Apr.: first recorded football match on campus: University vs. Academy
  • 1876, Oct.: first mention of audience attending a Mount Allison sports match, in cricket
  • 1876, Nov.: Tantramar Skating Rink, Sackville’s first indoor skating rink, is built
  • 1878, Apr.: first recorded baseball game: Academy vs. affiliated Commercial College
  • 1880, Oct.: The Argosy gives first modern-day sports report, on a cricket match
  • 1882: Dr. William L. Goodwin introduces rugby football to Mount Allison
  • 1883, Jan. 30: first University gymnasium burns down
  • 1884, Mar.: skating carnivals are held
  • 1884, Sep.: University plays baseball
  • 1884, Oct.: Mount Allison Athletic Club is formed
  • 1885, Nov.: Mount Allison cricket team defeats "Tantramar" and "Mechanics" local teams

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