Located on the lower level of the Wallace McCain Student Centre, the Wellness Centre offers services to support both your physical and mental well-being.

The Wellness Centre takes a comprehensive approach to wellness, promoting prevention through workshops and special events in addition to providing treatment, support, and counselling.

Health services
Entrance to the Mount Allison Wellness Centre.The health services area of the Wellness Centre provides non-emergency primary health and wellness services for all Mount Allison students, and include a:

  • full-time registered nurse/educator during academic year
  • physician (one morning or afternoon a week)
  • massage therapist (two days per week)
  • dietitian (by appointment)
  • registered acupuncturist (one day per week)
  • reflexologist (one morning per week)

Counselling services
At Mount Allison, we believe mental health is an important part of overall well-being, and offer mental health support services by:

  • counsellors
  • a mental health educator
  • clinical psychologists
  • a psychiatrist (once every two weeks)
  • disability service advisors

Student-led groups focused on wellness
Health Matters Society booth at the Mount Allison Clubs & Societies Fair.There are also student-led organizations on campus that work to create awareness around health and wellness, such as:

  • Change your Mind – fostering awareness about mental health and illness on campus and creating a safe space for all
  • Meighen Centre Society – open to any student who is registered with the Meighen Centre
  • Association for Physically Disabled & Chronically Ill Students (ACID) – for chronically ill and disabled students, and those interested in fighting against ableism
  • Health Care Outreach – providing opportunities for students interested in healthcare
  • Health Matters Society – promoting healthy living on campus and volunteering at the Wellness Centre