CS1711 - Fall 1996

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Prof. Ford
Prof. Rosebrugh


Some Class Examples - 1711A

General Information

The course meets MWF at 9:30 (Sect A) and 1:30 (Sect B); the text is "Turbo Pascal" by Koffman. We will cover approximately Chapters 1 to 8 and 10 to 12. There will be assigned one and one-half hour labs held in the PC Lab in Physics and Engineering. Labs start the week of September 16. There will be several programming assignments for which you will also need to use Turbo Pascal. One in-class test will be held in late October. For official detail see the Department Handbook.

In order to pass the course a passing grade on the aggregate of the test and the final exam must be obtained. The final grade in the course will be assigned with approximately the following weighting:

Some class example programs

ball-bearing volume
bearing cost (if statements and while loops)
case example
modular addition table
scope rules
driver example
stub example
calendar with enumerated types
palindrome checker
selection sort
latin square checker
computing GPAv student records
file of student records
rationals as ADT


Assignment 1

Due Monday September 23:
Ch 2: 1
example solution ,6 example solution .

Detailed instructions for handing in assignments will be given in your first lab.

Assignment 2

Due Friday, October 4:
Ch 4: 5
Ch 5: 2

Assignment 3

Due Friday, October 18:
Ch 5: 4 example solution using enumerated types
Ch 6: 2
Numbers refer to programming projects, and yes Ch 6 # 2 requires that you solve Ch 6 # 1 first.

Assignment 4

Due Monday, November 4:
Ch 7: 9

Assignment 5

Due Monday, November 18:
Ch 10: 6.
Ch 10: 8

Be sure you understand problem 4 in Ch. 10 (but ignore the last sentence.)

Assignment 6

Due Wednesday, December 4:
1. Ch 11: 5
2. Ch 12: 5
Be careful that your dropped programs do not have the same file name.