Assignment 5 - CS 1711 - Fall 1999

Due: Friday, December 3, 4:30 pm (last day of classes)


The Student class models the marks for a student in CS 1711. It is declared and implemented in the header file student.h, located in T:\comp_sci\cs1711\asst5\)

The methods of Student are as follows:

You will be required to insert the Student class declaration and implementation at the top of you program marks.cpp.  As well, you will need to complete the implementation of the grade() method. You must NOT modify any other portions of the Student class, and are not allowed to access any of the private information in the Student class for use in the main program.

Data for student marks is stored in the file marks.dat, which is of the form
Smith,F    90    90    90    90
Alward,G   40    40    40    40

The first line in the file marks.dat represents the number of student records in the file. The remainder of the lines in the file contain a student name, assignment mark, lab mark, midterm mark, and final exam mark (all out of 100). The course grade is calculated (by  the grade method) using the weighting

Write a program which gets the information from  the file marks.dat, prompts the user for the number ("n") of students to be displayed, and which then displays the first "n" names and marks (as indicated below) If the user requests more students than are present in the file, the entire set of marks will be displayed. The output should also include a summary at the bottom of the "graphical display" which indicates the number of records processed, the maximum, minimum, and average of the records displayed, with the "graphical display" in the form of a bar chart, where the number of asterisks (*) printed represent the grade in increments of 5 (as produced by the displayStudent() method). The user should be allowed to continue to request a display of the first n records until 0 is entered.

Sample run:

How many students > 2

Student Performance in CS 1711
Smith,F         ******************
Alward,G        ********
# of students =   2
Maximum grade =  90
Minimum grade =  40
Average grade =  65

How many students > 0
Processing complete

Submit the file grades.cpp to the appropriate dropbox.