Instructions for installing VC++ Compiler and Course files

Installing the Compiler

The Ford & Topp textbook includes a CDROM with the learning edition of the Visual C++ compiler (version 5). Version 5 is similar to version 6 (in labs) . The compiler can be installed on your computer for 'educational purposes'. This means you can write programs but you cannot sell you programs unless you purchase a full copy of the compiler. The educational compiler is essentially full featured; the disabled features are beyond the scope of this course.

To install the compiler on your computer you insert the CDROM into the drive. Most computers are configured to
automatically run the program on the CDROM. You may need to install Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4) on your machine if it not already present. The CD contains a program which will install MS Internet Explorer 4.

Once Internet Explorer is installed, you will need to run the setup.exe program for the Visual C++ compiler.

Installing the Course files

The CD-ROM for the Ford-Topp text "Introduction to Computing with C++ and Object Technology" contains a PC directory and a UNIX directory.   Open the PC directory. You will find five (5) self-extracting zip files. The file named   ftsoft.exe installs the source code programs, include files, and Web-based help system for the classes and libraries in the book.  The default directory which is used for the installation of the Ford-Topp files is When ftsoft.exe is run, the files and directories needed (including the include directory) will be installed on your machine in the direcory c:\ftsoft (unless you choose another location)

Once the Ford & Topp files are installed, you should configure the Visual C++ environment via

so that the compiler will automatically search the include directory when references are made to user-defined header files. Once this has been done (on your local machine) it will never need to be changed (unlike the lab environment, where you must reset the Tools | Options | Directories preferences each time you log in.)