CS1711 Lab0 - Exploring Files     September 21 & 23, 1999


This first lab will introduce you to the use of Windows NT. You will learn how to locate files, to copy text files,etc

1.    Logging on to the Network in the PEG Lab

The PEG lab includes 24 Windows NT student workstations, each identically equipped, and offers a Windows NT environment identical to that found in the Avard Dixon Lab(s), the Crabtree Lab, and the Library. When you are in this lab (or any of the other labs equipped wih Windows NT) you will have to use the following steps to log in to the Mount Allison network.
  1. If the computer has not had its power turned on, press the power-on button (ask a lab assistant if you need help)
  2. If the computer monitor has a blue screen containing some strange numbers and the computer is just sitting doing nothing, you will have to press the reset button (the button without the light in the center).
  3. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and you will be given a prompt dialog. Enter your username, press Tab (not Enter), then type your password. Leave the Domain as MTA and click Ok. The screen which you see will be the Windows NT environment . If you need to connect to the Departmental Area, press the Start button at the lower left of the screen and select the Academic Programs folder. Double-click on the icon labelled Departmental Files Area. This will have the effect of connecting to a set of departmental files, using the T-drive as the connection path. If you need to view the organization of the Departmental files, you can now do so (see below).
  4. Do the Lab 0 exercises below

2.    Lab 0 Exercises

In this particular lab, you do not need to submit anything. The exercises will ask you to perform a variety of tasks. When you have completed the exercises, ask the lab instructor(s) to confirm that you have completed the work and to record your lab mark in the log book.
  1. log onto the Windows NT system
  2. Use Finder to locate (on drive C:) the file iostream.h. Double click on this file and launch Visual C++, which will load the file iostream.h. Launch Notepad (Start.. Programs...), and once a copy of notepad is running, copy the text from iostream.h into Notepad. To save this file, use Save As, select your M: drive, and create a new folder on drive M: named Lab0. Select this folder and save the notepad file as iostream.txt.
  3. using Windows NT Explorer, go to the Departmental Files area (drive T:), select comp_sci, and then cs1711 within the comp_sci folder. Select the lab0 folder, where you will find lab0header.txt. Modify this file and save it in your lab0 folder (directory) on drive M (Save As..).
  4. Copy the contents (using Cut/Paste) of  lab0header.txt into the top of the file iostream.txt. Save this new file as lab0Complete.txt
  5. Using Netscape, display the contents of the file cs1711_syllabus99.html in the comp_sci/cs1711/lab0  folder and save it in your lab0 directory (on your M: drive)
  6. To complete the lab, you must show the lab instructor the folder lab0 on your M: drive, must display the contents of the file lab0Complete.txt  in the folder lab0 on your M: drive, and must display the contents of the file cs1711_syllabus99.html in the lab0 directory on your M: drive.
  7. When you are ready to leave the lab, press the 'Start' button on the screen and select 'Shutdown...'. Then click on 'Close all programs and log in as a different user'. Do not get in the habit of simply pressing the power switch, since this can cause your files to be erased!