Data Structures and Algorithms II
CS 2631 (Winter 2010)
Course Syllabus

Topics with Text readings:
In all cases involving Java, also consult Sun Java Tutorials and the Java API.
Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Ford and Topp 2.4-2.7, 3.1,3.2; Bailey Ch 7
User interfaces: GUI's
Ford and Topp 3.5
Threads and Concurrency
See references on Moodle
Complexity measures, including Omega and Theta
Ford and Topp 4.3; Bailey Ch 5
Balanced tree algorithms: AVL and RB
Ford and Topp 27.1,27.3,27.4; Bailey 14.7
N lg N sorts: heapsort and quicksort ; analysis of comparison sorts; other sorts
Ford and Topp 7.3,15.2,22.1,22.3,22.4; Bailey 6.5,6.6
Graph algorithms
Ford and Topp 25.1,25.6; Bailey 16.4
Map Structures: Hashing, Tries
Ford and Topp 19.1-19.3,21.1-21.3; Bailey 15.1-15.5
Data Compression
Ford and Topp 23.3; Bailey 12.8