CS3711/2008 - Project Specification

2008 February 28

Important notes

  1. Your work will be done by a team and all members of each team will participate in all of the project. That is, each team member must contribute to the design, implementation and documentation. Each team member is expected to become familiar with the selected language, and each team member must take part in writing the Report.
  2. Normally, all team members will receive the same grade for the project. Therefore, contact the course instructor if you do not participate fully with your team in the completion of any of the project.
  3. The project forms a major part of the assessment in the course. Late submission of a part of the project will result in a penalty of .67 grade points per day for up to three days, after which that part of the project will be graded incomplete.
  4. The grade for the project will be based roughly equally on the results of each of the elements.
  5. After carefully considering the Project Outline below, your team will select an application domain and report this choice to the course instructor.
  6. You will have noted that this is an HTML document. The visual presentation of your documents will be considered in grading. TeX or HTML are acceptable for achieving good presentation. Word-processing systems may also provide suitable formatting, but are heavily deprecated.
  7. A presentation of your project will be done in class during the last week of classes.
  8. You will spend about five hours per week outside of class on this project (but you must not exceed 8 hours in any week). This allows each team member up to 30 hours for completion of their part of the project. Each team member must provide a log of time spent on the project.
  9. The project completion date is April 10. On that date a final version of your design document, a User Guide and your program code will be handed in.

Project Outline

First phase: Design.
Plan your application and design suitable program modules and their specifications. You will document the design and provide it to the course instructor in draft form byMarch 19, and in final form, after consultation with the course instructor. The design will not exceed 10 pages (single-spaced, minimum 12 pt type).
Second phase: Implementation.
You will write a program implementing your design. The implementation is required to follow your design document. Please consult with the course instructor using a prototype during the implementation phase.
Third phase: User Guide.
This part of the project should be done simultaneously with the implementation. It will include brief instructions on using your application for naive users. You should write clear explanations of how to get into and out of the program. The User Guide will not exceed 10 pages. A draft will be provided to the course instructor by April 4.