CS3811 - 2007

Instructor: Dr. R. Rosebrugh, Dunn 203

Current Assignment

General Information

The course meeting time is 9:30MWF in AD G9 (Note change). Help with assignments or projects is available other times by appointment; contact the instructor by email.

The textbook is Database Systems: the complete book by Garcia-Molina, Ullman and Widom. We will cover all of chapters 1-10 and selected topics from chapters 11-20. Also recommended is An Introduction to Database Systems (8th ed) by C. J. Date.

The page for the Garcia-Molina-Ullman-Widom book (including lecture notes) is at http://www-db.stanford.edu/~ullman/dscb.html ;

Check this URL regularly for information about the course.

There will be written assignments, in-class quizzes, midterm tests, and a project.

The project will will be done in small groups, will be assigned by late January and will be completed near the end of term.


Note: In order to pass the course:

Grades will be assigned using approximately the following weights:

The midterm tests will be held on February 16 and March 30.


The Project description is at 381107pr.html .


Assignment 1

From the text: 2.1.3, 2.1.5, 2.1.10, 2.2.6, 2.3.4.
Due January 19.

Please attempt the other text problems.

Assignment 2

From the text: 2.4.4 a); from Chapter 3: 1.2, 2.4 a) & c), 3.2, 4.5 a) & c), 5.2 i) & ii), 5.7.
Due Feb 2.

Assignment 3

From the text: from Chapter 5: 2.1 b), c), e), g) 2.2 (parts done in 2.1), 3.4 b), c), f); from Chapter 6: 1.3 c), d), 2.2 c), d)
Due Feb 12.

Assignment 4

From the text: from Chapter 3: 6.2; from Chapter 4: 5.4; 7.3; from Chapter 6: 3.1 b), c); 7.1 b), c) from Chapter 7: 4.2 ), e)
Due Mar 19.

Assignment 5

From the text: from Chapter 8: 6.1 a), c); 7.1 a), b), d); 7.3

1. Does the relational operator product commute with intersection? With difference? (In each case your answer must be either a proof of equality or a proof that equality fails, i.e. a counterexample.)

2. Show that duplicate elimination commutes with natural join.

3. Does duplicate elimination commute with union? With difference? (Same comment as with 1.)

4. For the relation scheme R(BOSQID)let the dependencies F = { S -> D, I -> B, IS -> Q, B -> O} hold. (It might help to think of an investment firm with Brokers, Offices, Stocks, Quantities(of stock), Investors and Dividends(paid).
a) Find a key for R.
b) How many keys does R have? (prove your answer!)
c) Find a lossles join BCNF decomposition.
d) Find a dependency-preserving, lossless join 3NF

Due April 5.