CS3811 - 2010

Instructor: Dr. R. Rosebrugh, Dunn 203

General Information

The course meeting time is 13:30MWF in Dunn 104. Help with assignments or projects is available other times by appointment; contact the instructor by email. For official detail see the Academic Calendar.

The textbook is A First Course in Database Systems, 3rd Edition by Ullman and Widom. We will cover Chapters 1-12, with lighter coverage of Ch 9,10 as time requires. This book covers database design and other issues, including applications. It is the first half of Database Systems: The Complete Book, which you should choose instead if your interests go beyond database applications and include implementation of a DBMS.. Also recommended is An Introduction to Database Systems (8th ed) by C. J. Date. The page for the Ullman-Widom book (including lecture notes) is at http://infolab.stanford.edu/~ullman/fcdb.html

There will be written assignments, in-class quizzes (based on assigned homework), midterm tests, and a project. In-class tests will be held on October 27 and November 29.

The project assignment is at 381108pr.html .


Note: In order to pass the course:

Grades will be assigned using approximately the following weights:


Assignment 1

From the text: 2.2.3 a), b), 2.3.2 a), c), e), 2.4.3 a), c), e), g), 2.5.3 a), b), c).
Due September 24.

Please attempt the other text problems.

Assignment 2

From the text: 5.1.3, 3.2.2 ii) a), 3.2.4 b), c), 3.2.7, 3.3.1 c) and e), 3.3.2
Due October 8.

Please attempt the other text problems.