M 4211 - Modern Algebra II - 2015

Dr. R. Rosebrugh
Dunn 203

General Information

The course meeting time is 11:30-12:20MWF in Dunn 406. Help with assignments is available other times by appointment; contact the instructor by email. For official detail see the University Calendar. The prerequisite for this course is Math 3211.

Check this URL regularly for information about the course.


Contemporary Abstract Algebra, by Gallian (link is to Amazon, also try AbeBooks). This is the text used in Math 3211. We will cover Chapters 13-23, 32 and selected other material. There are some possibly useful resources at http://www.d.umn.edu/~jgallian/.


Each student will present for 20 min on a chapter of their choice during the last week of class. A summary of the presented material of 3-5pp is also required.


The midterm test will be held in class on February 20. The final examination will be two hours long (but you will have three hours to write it.)


The final grade will be based on the assignments, the presentation, the mid-term test and a final examination. The weights will be approximately 25%, 10%, 15% and 50% respectively. (Revised March 10.)

Note: In order to pass the course:


There will be one-question short assignments at least twice a week to be handed in and taken up at the next class. There will be several longer written assignments, every two to three weeks. Late assignments not accepted. All assignments are an essential part of the course. All written work handed in must be typeset using LaTeX. Be sure to attempt all problems in the text, not just the ones assigned to be handed in.

Assignment 1

Questions from the textbook: Ch 13: 6,18,28,34,60
Due Friday, Jan 16
Additonal recommended problems: Ch 13: 10,13,15,23,31,35,42,47,51,61,67
Always attempt all of the other problems. Be sure to understand solutions to the odd-numbered problems.