Exporting to SQL

To export the sketch to an SQL database, select Export... from the main File menu.

Because exportation to an SQL database occurs directly from the XML file, if the current sketch has not been saved since the last changes, a dialog box will appear prompting for the user to save the file.

Once the file has been saved, the user must select the type of database to export to. Should no database type be defined for the sketch, exportation will not occur.

The user will then be prompted to enter relevant information to establish a connection to the desired database management system (DBMS). This information includes the user name and password to enter the DBMS, along with the URL of the DBMS. Because Easik builds the database directly, the user name entered must have full privileges in the DBMS.

Easik also requires that the provided database name does not previously exist. Should the database already exist, an error occurs and the process aborts.

JDBC Drivers

Easik uses Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to connect to a DBMS. This package, available free with the Java standard distribution requires the installation of drivers to allow for a connection to be made between Java and the desired database. These drivers are widely available and downloadable from the internet. JDBC maintains a list of drivers currently available at http://developers.sun.com/product/jdbc/drivers.

Easik has incorporated the necessary drivers with the Easik installation, however it is necessary to have the required DBMS installation for functionality. Easik assumes no responsibility for the functioning of the individual drivers or the databases.

The current DBMSs supported are MySQL 5.0, Oracle 10g, and DB2.