Uses of Class

Packages that use DataTypeController

Uses of DataTypeController in easik.sketch

Fields in easik.sketch declared as DataTypeController
private  DataTypeController Sketch._typeController
          The current DataTypeController for this sketch

Methods in easik.sketch that return DataTypeController
 DataTypeController Sketch.getDataTypeController()
          Returns the DataTypeController for the sketch

Uses of DataTypeController in easik.ui.datatype

Fields in easik.ui.datatype declared as DataTypeController
private  DataTypeController DatatypesUI._controller
          The data type controller
private  DataTypeController DataTypePane._controller
          The data type controller

Constructors in easik.ui.datatype with parameters of type DataTypeController
DataTypePane(DataType inType, DataTypeController inCont, DatatypesUI inUI)
          Default Constructor.
DatatypesUI(DataTypeController inCont)
          Default constructor for DataTypesUI.