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Uses of ExportPath in easik.sketch.util.Export

Fields in easik.sketch.util.Export declared as ExportPath
private  ExportPath ExportHandler._curPath
          The current path

Fields in easik.sketch.util.Export with type parameters of type ExportPath
private  java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,ExportPath> ExportHandler._paths
          HashMap of all paths in the sketch.

Uses of ExportPath in easik.sketch.util.Export.Components

Methods in easik.sketch.util.Export.Components with parameters of type ExportPath
static java.lang.String ExportPath.getAllTablesString(ExportPath path)
          Determines the tables along a path, and formats them into a string.
static java.lang.String ExportPath.getConditions(ExportPath path)
          Gets the conditions for a path.
static java.lang.String ExportPath.getDelConditions(ExportPath path)
          Determines the initial condition, as required by a BEFORE DELETE procedure.

Uses of ExportPath in easik.sketch.util.Export.Constraints

Fields in easik.sketch.util.Export.Constraints with type parameters of type ExportPath
protected  java.util.ArrayList<ExportPath> ExportConstraint._paths
          The paths involved in this constraint

Methods in easik.sketch.util.Export.Constraints that return types with arguments of type ExportPath
 java.util.ArrayList<ExportPath> ExportConstraint.getPaths()
          Get all paths participating in this constraint

Methods in easik.sketch.util.Export.Constraints with parameters of type ExportPath
 void ExportConstraint.addPath(ExportPath p)
          Add a path to this constraint.
private  java.lang.String ExportCommutativeDiagram.getAllConditionsString(ExportPath p)
          Determines all conditions needing to hold along the commutative diagram path.
private  java.lang.String ExportCommutativeDiagram.getAllTablesString(ExportPath p)
          Determines all tables involved in the path that must be referenced by conditions in the WHERE clause.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getAltPathConditions(ExportPath alt, ExportPath main)
          Gets the alternate path conditions for testing whether a pullback condition is formed.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getFinalInsertStatements(ExportPath path)
          Determines the INSERT statements necessary for the procedure called AFTER INSERT on the domain of path.
private  java.lang.String ExportProductConstraint.getFirstIfStatement(ExportPath p)
          Gets the first IF statement.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getIfStatement(ExportPath main, ExportPath alt)
          Gets the IF THEN SQL statement for this procedure.
private  java.lang.String ExportProductConstraint.getInsertCall(ExportPath p)
          Gets the actual INSERT SELECT string for the constraint.
private  java.lang.String ExportSumConstraint.getInsertString(ExportPath path)
          Formats the INSERT string contained inside the sum procedure
private  java.lang.String ExportProductConstraint.getPathInsertStrings(ExportPath p)
          Gets the strings inserting an element for every table along the path up until the base table.
private  java.lang.String ExportProductConstraint.getSecondIfStatement(ExportPath p)
          Gets the second IF statement.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getSecondIfStatement(ExportPath main, ExportPath alt)
          Gets the main path conditions to determine whether the pullback table contains elements along the path for every element in the alternate table which leads to the same element as the main table.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getSelectIntoStatement(ExportPath path, int p)
          Creates an INSERT INTO ...
private  java.lang.String ExportCommutativeDiagram.getSelection(ExportPath p)
          Determines the last entity before the codomain of the path and sets the SELECT statement to select the reference to the codomain of the path from this entity.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getSelectStatement(ExportPath p)
          Determines the conditions required for an insert into the pullback table AFTER INSERT into the table for which the procedure is being called.
private  java.lang.String ExportPullback.getSubConditions(ExportPath path)
          Gets the conditions for the insert, given the path, minus the initial conditions.
private  void ExportPullback.setAIForTable(ExportPath mainP, ExportPath subP)
          Sets AFTER INSERT procedure for the table which is the domain of path mainP.