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The Graphical Database for Category Theory is a research project at Mount Allison University that now includes over 80 Java source files and over 25,000 lines of code. Version 1.0 of the GDCT was released as a preliminary version which provides the basic functionality and demonstrates the abilities of the final version of the application. Version 1.1 fixed some minor problems. Version 2.0 introduced some new tools and a more stable interface. Version 3.0 moves to a desktop-style interface and added a few new tools.

Please e-mail Robert Rosebrugh with any problems or comments you have pertaining to the Graphical Database for Category Theory. Thank you for your input.

Version 3.0: Released in February 2006

This version of GDCT contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Moved to a desktop-style interface, where multiple categories and functors can be opened in their own respective windows
  • Completely removed Borland from the software.
  • Converted most graphic components from AWT to Swing (lightweight)
  • Divided each tool into two separate classes: an interface class and an algorithm class
  • Implemented pullback, pushout, create product, create sum, and partial order category tools.
  • Converted most lingering C based code to object oriented.

Version 2.0: Released in July 2002

This version of GDCT contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Diagram display added
  • When in diagram display mode, the "View GML" tool will show the GML for the diagram category
  • Open for *.FGL files implemented
  • Download for *.FGL files implemented
  • Added "Functor Graphical Settings" items to the initialization file
  • Check equalizer/coequalizer tools added
  • Check monomorphism/epimorphism tools added
  • Check isomorphism tool added
  • Generalized "Sum" and "Product" algorithms
  • In "Functor Graphical Settings", fixed the "AB Vertical", "A Only", and "B Only" display modes, and disabled the "AB Horizontal" display mode due to compatibility problems
  • Fixed sum and product algorithms
  • Fixed functor animation problems
  • Fixed problems when switching between functors and categories using the pulldown boxes
  • Fixed problem where the category GML would be lost when adding relations to a category
  • Fixed problem where *.FGL and *.FUN files were not always updated in the Recent Files list
  • Fixed problems when switching between functor display and category display mode, the GML would sometimes be lost
  • Fixed bug where changes to category graph were lost when opening dialog boxes
  • Fixed bug when trying to close categories and functors

Version 1.1: Released in Summer 2000

This version of GDCT contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • The help file system has been rewritten and now includes a complete set of help files which will better enable the user to use the software
  • Contact information in the bug report dialog has been updated
  • Upon closing the application, a dialog window now prompts the user to see if they want to save changes in modified categories. This dialog window also tells the user what modifications were made so that they can more accuratly judge if they want to save these changes.
  • The display of categories in the "Make Confluent" Tool was changed so that a category isn’t redrawn randomly. Instead, GDCT will only update the label of the node containing the list of relations.
  • In "Add Data" for categories, the category is no longer redrawn randomly. New data is now added to the existing graphical representation as opposed to creating a new random representation.
  • In "Remove Data" the problem where not all data is removed in some categories has been fixed
  • Also, in "Remove Data" for categories, the text display is updated and the graphical display is updated as data is removed.
  • In "View GML", the problem with the search feature not working right away has been corrected.
  • The "Make Confluent" algorithm has been extensively error checked and all known bugs have been fixed.
  • Bugs in "Make Dual Category" have been fixed and the make display of a newly created dual category is no longer determined randomly. Instead, the display is based on the display of the category that was originally used to create the dual category.
  • The"Equality of Composites" tool has been tested and all problems have been fixed.
  • In the "Initial Object" and "Terminal Object" tools a warning is now displayed if the endomorphism limit has been reached.
  • GDCT 1.0 was developed using Borland JBuilder 2.0 and used some borland libraries such as borland.jbcl.control and borland.jbcl.layout. This caused certain compiling problems in non-Borland environments. To correct this situation, all elements of borland libraries have been removed.
  • An initialization file has been include with the GDCT application to allow for the saving of settings upon exit. This file is stored in the root directory and is titled gdct.ini. The settings that are currently supported by the initialization file are: Internal Settings, Server Settings, Animation Settings, Recent Files list, and part of the Category Graphical Settings.

Version 1.0: Released March 20, 2000

This is the preliminary version of Graphical Database for Category Theory. To view the release information for this version click HERE.

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