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This page provides a demonstration of the graphical capabilities of Graphical Database for Category Theory. Click on a link below to view a screen capture from the current version of GDCT.

Category Graphical Display

  • Screen Capture 1
         Display of category cube.cgl. This category demonstrates the 3D capabilities of the GDCT application.
  • Screen Capture 2
         Display of category del3.cgl which demonstrates the display of multiples edges between two objects in a category.
  • Screen Capture 3
         Display of category snake.cgl

Functor Graphical Display

Graphical Display Tools

  • Screen Capture 1
         Visual controls for manipulating graphical display of categories.
  • Screen Capture 2
          Shows how objects can be selected by holding down the right mouse button and drawing a square around objects to be selected.
  • Screen Capture 3
         Shows how objects can be selected by clicking on the object with the right mouse button.
  • Screen Capture 4
         The GML code (the graphical dislay code) can be viewed in text form by selecting Categories | Edit Category | View GML.

Help File Display

  • Screen Capture 1
         Frame that contains list of help files and display of current help file.


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