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Judith Holton

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Dr. Judith Holton joined the Commerce Department in 2007 after a career in post-secondary management and administration. She holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Victoria (Thesis Topic: Building Trust and Collaboration in a Virtual Team) and a PhD in Management Studies from University of Northampton, UK (Thesis Topic: Rehumanising Knowledge Work through Fluctuating Support Networks: A grounded theory). Her research focuses on leadership and organizational learning, managing change in complex systems, and research methodology.


Commerce 3341               Organizational Theory

Commerce 3401               Research Methods in Business

Commerce 4311               Strategic Management                                  

Commerce 4321               Strategic Issues (Winter 2020)

Commerce 4331               Management of Organizational Change

Commerce 4990               Honours Thesis

Commerce 4991               Leadership in Organizations (Fall 2019)       

Research interests

I am interested in leadership and management of change in complex systems. I have been focusing on leadership development in health services organizations and the impact of persistent and unpredictable change.  I am interested in identifying strategies for enhancing leadership effectiveness in such environments.  My current research focuses on social movements thinking as applied to change management in health and social services. I am also interested in research methodology and am currently at work on a book about classic grounded theory methodology.



PhD        Management Studies, University of Northampton, UK

MA         Leadership, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC




First/Sole Author Publications  

Holton, J.A. & Walsh, I. ( in press, to be published in 2019 ).  Classic grounded theory: Applications with qualitative and quantitative data  . Mandarin translation. Beijing: Peking University Press.

Holton, J.A. (2019). Teaching and learning grounded theory methodology: The seminar approach.  In Bryant, A. & Charmaz, K. The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory , London: Sage Publications.

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Holton, J.A. & Grandy, G. (2016). Voiced inner dialogue as relational reflection- on-action: The case of middle managers in healthcare. Management Learning, 47(4), 369-390. 

Holton, J.A. (2015) Exploring social movements thinking for leading large-scale change in health and social services systems. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 2015(58), pp.102-118.  

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Recent Co-authored Publications     

Walsh, I., Holton, J.A. & Mourmant, G. (in press, to be published in 2019). Mastering classic grounded theory for business and management students . London: Sage Publications.

Jørgensen, L. B., Jepsen, S. L., & Holton, J. A. (2017). Intacting Integrity in Coping with Health Issues. Grounded Theory Review, 16(1).  

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Walsh, I., Holton, J.A., Bailyn, L., Fernandez, W., Levina, N. & Glaser, B.G. (2015) What grounded theory is . . . A critically reflective conversation among scholars. Organizational Research Methods,18(4), 581-599. Best paper award, Academy of Management, Research Methods Division 2015. 

Wasylkiw, L., Holton, J.A., Azar, R. & Cook, B. (2015), The impact of mindfulness on leadership effectiveness in a health care setting: A pilot study. Journal of Health Organization and Management. 29 (7), 893 - 911.