Khashayar Ghandi

Associate professor, chemistry & biochemistry; Associate member of Physics Department

Khashayar Ghandi

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My group's research includes (but is not limited to) applications of physical chemistry and chemical physics in energy and the environment in their broad sense.  My focus is on sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production methods and environmentally friendly chemical processes for the production of materials that can be used in industry and applications.

I have three general areas of research interests:

1) Fundamental aspects of physical chemistry/chemical physics in its broad sense which includes topics such as novel types of chemical bonds, kinetic isotope effects on reactions of state selected molecules and developing new spectroscopic techniques to study reactive intermediates.


2) Applications of physical chemistry tools to other disciplines.  These studies are in collaboration with colleagues in other fields, including biology, medicine, commerce and engineering.  In general I have a high value for collaboration.


3) The role of early stage research and informal teaching on the appreciation of science and its impact on the interests towards science education and career.

I am funded by NSERC, CFI, NBIF and industrial grants for research concerning energy and environment, including Green Chemistry, CO2 capture and its use in applications. My research on Generation IV Energy Technologies has led to a successful collaborative research and development grant for years.

My research is carried out both at a conventional chemistry laboratory at Mount Allison University, Computer lab in our department using programs we have developed, scientific mechanical design, Monte Carlo simulations, Spectroscopic Simulations and Quantum Mechanical simulations as well as data analysis.  We obtain a large amount of data that need to be analyzed in our computer lab for a long time after each beam time (beam time is the time each year that we get to spend at each accelerator facility).  Also we use our computer lab as an interface to high performance computing clusters for our calculations.  For some of our work we have to do experiments at international facilities in Canada and Europe.  Therefore my group and I travel regularly to TRIUMF national laboratory in Vancouver, ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK and JPARC which is a new facility in Japan. 


Visiting scientist (2002-2005)
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford, UK

Research Associate/ Postdoctoral fellow

University of British Columbia, BC, Canada

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry
Simon Fraser University, B.C., Canada


Selected Publication-since 2005

In papers with my students, I put students as the first author (and myself as the last author)  if the student has done the data collection and data analysis and have been significantly involved in the process of paper writing.  In other papers, the order of authors is based on the degree of participation. Bold letters are used for students.

On average my students have two papers/patents with me.


1.  R. LeBlanc, B. Hackman, G. Liu, K. Ghandi (2014) Extrapolation of Rate Constants of Reactions Producing H2 and O2 in Radylosis of Water at High Temperatures, PBNC (In press).

2.  S. Nazari, K. Ghandi (2013) Solvent and Microwave effects on oxidation of aromatic α- diketones, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (In press).

3.  M. Farren-dai, E. Williams, C. MacNeil, Z. Mahimwalla, K. Ghandi (2014) A Novel Gold Nanoparticle Stabilization and Its Muon Chemistry, Chemical Physics Letters 28, 331-334 (Editors choice).

4.  C. D. Alcorn, J.-C. Brodovitch, P. W. Percival, M. Smith, K. Ghandi (2014)   Kinetics of the Reaction between H· and Superheated Water Probed with Muonium, J.Chem. Phys. 435, 29-39

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6.   K. Ghandi, A Review of ionic liquids, their limits and applications (2014) Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 4 (1) 44-53. (Invited review article)

7.  Y. Tan, Y. Chen, Z. Mahimwalla, M.B. Johnson, K. Ghandi, R. Bruening, T. Sharma (2014) Novel synthesis of rutile titanium dioxide - polypyrrole nano composites and their application in hydrogen generation, Synthetic Metals, 189,77-85.

8.   P. Cormier, C. Alcorn, G. Legate, K. Ghandi (2014) Muon Radiolysis Affected by Density Inhomogeneity in Near-Critical Fluids, Rad. Res. 181, 396-406.

9.    A. J.W. Ward, M. Thistle, K. Ghandi and S. Currie (2013) Copper interacts with nonylphenol to cancel the effect of nonylphenol on fish chemosensory behavior, J. ofAquatic Toxicology, 142, 203-209.

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14.  F. P. Burns, P. A. Themens, K. Ghandi (2013) Assessment of phosphonium ionic liquid-dimethylformamide mixtures for dissolution of cellulose, Composite Interfaces,  21, 59-73.

15.   K. Ghandi, R. McFadden, P. Satija, P. Cormier,M. Smith (2012) Radical Kinetics in Sub- and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Thermodynamic Rate Tuning, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys,14, 8502-8505.

16.          P. Cormier, Y. Miyake, K. Ghandi (2012) Muon Radiation in Methanol: in Support of the Spur Model, Physics Procedia, 30, 78-81.

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18.  P. Satija, R. McFadden, P. Cormier, K. Ghandi (2011) Selectivity of Free Radical Reactions with Vinylidene Fluoride in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Probed by Muon Spin Spectroscopy, International Review of Chemical Engineering, 5, 542-549.

19.          C. Alcorn, M. Smith, A. Kennedy, J.-C. Brodovitch, K. Ghandi, P. W. Percival (2011) Kinetics of the Reaction between H· and Superheated Water Probed with Muonium, proceedings of International Symposium of the Supercritical Water Reactors.

20.           G. Legate, C. Alcorn, J.-C. Brodovitch, K. Ghandi, P. W. Percival (2011) Kinetics of the Reaction between Mu· and Ni2+ in Superheated Water, proceedings of the 5th International Symposium of the Supercritical Water Reactor (ISSCWR-5).

21.            K. Ghandi, C. Alcorn, J.-C. Brodovitch, E. Driedger, M. Mozafari, P. W. Percival, P. Satija (2011) Using Muonium to Probe the Kinetics of the Reaction between the H· Atom and OH- in Superheated Water, proceedings of 5th International Symposium of the Supercritical Water Reactor (ISSCWR-5).

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32.   K. Ghandi, I. P. Clark, J. S. Lord and S. P. Cottrell (2007) Laser-muon spin spectroscopy in liquids-A technique to study the excited state chemistry of transients, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 9, 353-359. (cover article)

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Publication of book chapters and books

45.            K. Ghandi, B. Taylor, R. Hawkes, S. Milton, Engagement: The Importance of Research-Intensive Experiences (in press)

46.            Book chapter: Y. Tan, Michel B. Johnson, K. Ghandi, Recent Trends in Natural Polymers and Bio-materials: Their Blends, Composites Nanocomposites or IPNs, edited by  S. Thomas, K. Nandhakumar, Y. Weimen, B.M. Babu (Apple Academic Press, Canada/USA), 2014.

47.            Invited book chapter: K. Ghandi and Y. Miyake, Muon Interactions with Matter in Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter, Advances, Applications, and Interfaces, edited by A. Mozumder and Y. Hatano (Taylor & Francis), 2011.




Courses taught at Mount Allison University since 2005:

  • Introductory Chemistry 1 (Required) — Lecture
  • Introductory Chemistry 2 (Required) — Lecture
  • Thermodynamics (Required) — Lecture & Lab
  • Chemical Kinetics (Required) — Lecture & Lab
  • Analytical Chemistry 2 (Required) — Lecture & Lab
  • Current Advances in Chemistry (Required for undergrad honours students) — Lecture & Seminar-based
  • Quantum Chemistry (Elective) — Lecture & Lab
  • Optical Spectroscopy (Elective) — Lecture & Lab
  • Computational Chemistry (Elective — Grad/Undergrad) — Lecture & Lab
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Elective — Grad/Undergrad) — Lecture
  • Quantum Mechanics 2 (Elective) — Lecture
  • Applied Nuclear Science (Elective — Grad/Undergrad) — Lecture
  • Energy and Environment (Elective — Grad/Undergrad) — Lecture
  • Polymer Kinetics (Graduate student level) — Lecture
  • Electrochemistry (Graduate student level) — Lecture
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry (Graduate student level) — Seminar-based
  • Special Topics/Individual Studies — Lab/Research
  • Honours Thesis — Lab/Research
  • Master's Thesis — Lab/Research

Grants, awards, & honours

My most important awards are my students awards. My students often receive very prestigious international, national and university awards (including presentation awards). In addition they are coauthors (and often first author) of refereed papers and patents with me. My students had cover page articles on best journals in their fields and have also had editors choice papers.


I have been awarded NSERC, CFI, NBIF and industrial grants for more than 8 years for research concerning energy and environment, including Green Chemistry, CO2 capture and its use in applications.


Professional Contribution
Selected since 2005
-  President of International Society for Muon Spectroscopy (2014-2017)
-  Member of five year plan steering committee for the TRIUMF national lab (selected by the director of TRIUMF) (2012-2015)
-  Chair elect of the TRIUMF national lab user group (2012-2015)
-    Member of Executive Committee of Faculty Council, Mount Allison University  (2013-June 2016)
-    Property and Facilities Committee, Mount Allison University (2012-2015)