Mario Levesque

Associate Professor, Politics & International Relations

Mario Levesque

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My teaching and research focuses on public policy analysis and public administration largely within the Canadian context. Specifically, my research examines relationships between variations in governance arrangements and changes in public policy in order to elaborate strategies for changes in public policy. My interests stem from my previous work in the environmental sector.


  • PhD McMaster University (Political Science - Comparative Public Policy & Public Administration)
  • MA University of Western Ontario (Political Science: Canadian Politics)
  • BA University of Western Ontario (Political Science)

Research interests

Disability policy (employment, political participation, transit), Environmental policy (common pool resources, transboundary resources conflicts, sustainability, energy from waste), intergovernmental relations, community-based governance, institutional analysis, citizen engagement, federalism.


Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Technical Reports

  • (forthcoming). Klain, Andrew* and Mario Levesque. "Revisiting the Labrador boundary decision to include Indigenous interpretations of the region." Journal of Canadian Studies. *MA student
  • 2017. Clancy, Peter and Mario Levesque. "Exploring Environmental Governance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: Contested Political Relations in a Canadian Inland Sea." In Building Community Resilience: From Black Horses to White Steeds, edited by Laurie Brinklow and Ryan Gibson, pp. 218-240. Charlottetown: Island Studies Press.
  • 2017. Levesque, Mario. "Politically (dis)abled: Persons with disabilities in NL." In Renewing Democracy in Newfoundland & Labrador, edited by Alex Marland and Lisa Moore, 222-225. St. John's: ISER Books.
  • 2017. Langford, Brynne* and Mario Levesque. "Symbolic and Substantive Relevance of Politicians with Disabilities: A British Columbia Case Study." Canadian Parliamentary Review.40, no. 2 (Summer2017): 8-17. *MA student
  • 2017. Levesque, Mario. “Vulnerable Populations and the permanent campaign: Disability organizations as policy entrepreneurs." In The Permanent Campaign in Canada, eds. Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Anna Esselment, pp. 278-297. Vancouver: UBC Press.  
  • 2016. Levesque, Mario. "Experiencing disability in three small New Brunswick Acadian communities." Canadian Political Science Review 10(1): 109-149.
  • 2016. Levesque, Mario and Brynne Langford*. “The role of disability groups in the development and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.” Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 5(4): 63-102. *MA student
  • 2016. Levesque, Mario. City of Dieppe Accessible Transit Study - II Governance Options. Final Report. 47pp.
  • 2016. Levesque, Mario. "Of Learning Outcomes and Skills Development." In MTA Teaches, eds. Louise Wasylkiw and Jennifer Tomes, pp. 3-16. Victoria, BC: Friesen Press.
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  • 2014. Levesque, Mario, Dave Thomas and James Devine. "Lesson learned from the use of simulations as an assessment tool." Association of Atlantic Universities Teaching & Learning Showcase Proceedings.
  • 2013. Levesque, Mario and Peter Graefe. “‘Not Good Enough’: Canada’s Stalled Disability Policy.” In How Ottawa Spends, 2013-14, eds. Bruce Doern and Chris Stoney, 172-183. Ottawa: Carleton University Press.
  • 2013. Graefe, Peter and Mario Levesque. “Accountability in Labour Market Policies for Persons with Disabilities.” In Overpromising and Underperforming?  Understanding and Evaluating New Intergovernmental Accountability Regimes, eds. Peter Graefe, Julie Simmons and Linda White, 127-143. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 2013. Levesque, Mario. Bringing Patients In: Patient Engagement Options for New Brunswick Health Care. 83pp. Technical Report for Voices in Harmony Project.  
  • 2012. Levesque, Mario. “Mapping a way forward: Interest group selection and roles performed in engagement processes.” Canadian Public Administration 55(4): 531-552.
  • 2012. Levesque, Mario. “Assessing the Ability of Disability Organizations: An Interprovincial Comparative Perspective.” Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research 3(2): 82-103.
  • 2011. Levesque, Mario. “Build it...if you can!”: Discretion, Building Inspectors and Part 8 of the Ontario’s 2006 Building Code.” Canadian Journal of Urban Research 20(1): 103-30.
  • 2011. El Dessouky, Naglaa and Mario Levesque. “Stories from the North to the South: Why some sustainable cities initiatives gain significance and become existing public policies?” Interdisciplinary Themes Journal 3(1): 69-83.
  • 2010. Graefe, Peter and Mario Levesque. “Impediments to Innovation in the Canadian Social Union: The Case of the Labour Market Agreements for People with Disabilities.” Canadian Public Policy 36(1): 45-62.
  • 2010. Levesque, Mario, Erin Kelly, Nick Novakowski, Osman Parpia, Kim Hancock, Shoshannah Ganz, Tom Philpott, Gerard Curtis and Susan Pottle. Response to Corner Brook  Pulp & Paper Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) Co-Firing Trial Project Proponent: Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd. (Reg. 1539). Submission to the Department of Environment and Conservation, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. 29 November. 40pp.
  • 2010. Levesque, Mario, Angela Carter, Wade Bowers, Ilka Bauer, Gabriela Sabeau, Susan Pottle and Sara Carson. “Response to Newfoundland & Labrador Public Discussion Document “Climate Change: Responding to Climate Change in Newfoundland & Labrador”.” 31 July. 21 pp.
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  • 2007. Levesque, Mario. Avenues of Change in Groundwater Governance in Hamilton, On.  Technical Report for Environment Hamilton. 138pp.
  • 2006 (Automne). Graefe, Peter and Mario Levesque. “La nouvelle gouvernance fédérale et les politiques sociales au Canada : Leçons des ententes en matière de l’intégration en emploi des personnes ayant des handicaps.” Lien Social et Politiques  56, 73-86.


Teaching and Student Supervision

Courses Taught

  • POLS 1001 - Foundations of Politics
  • POLS 2101 - Canadian Government and Politics
  • POLS 3111 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
  • POLS 3141 - Canadian Public Policy
  • POLS 3151 - Political Parties and Elections in Canada
  • POLS 4121 - Environmental Conflicts in Canada
  • POLS 4141 - Interest Groups and Social Movements in Canada
  • POLS 4161 - Disability Politics and Policy in Canada

Undergraduate Honours Theses

  • 2018-19 - (in progress) Matthew Klohn. Canadian federalism and Indigenous environmental justice.
  • 2015-16 - Brynne Langford. Policy Intersectionality: Responses to aging populations and disability policy.

Student Independent Study Courses
I also supervise students who wish to do an independent study course (POLS 4951-one term; POLS 4950-two terms) on topics related to my teaching and research interests. 

  • 2018-19
    POLS 4950 - (in progress) Comparative Constitutionalism (Noah Fry)
  • 2017-18
    POLS 4950 - Disaster Planning and Disability (Tierra Stokes)
    POLS 4951 - Environmental Rights and the Charter (Caitlin Gallant)
  • 2016-17
    POLS 4951 - Inclusive Education (Dylan Wooley-Berry)
    POLS 4951 - Disability Rights in Nova Scotia (Kyle Horsman)
    POLS 4951 - Indigenous Language Education in Canada (Lily Falk)
  • 2015-16
    POLS 4950 - Administrative Reform in New Brunswick (Briana Cowie)
    POLS 4951 - Quebec-Newfoundland Relations (Andrew Klain)
  • 2014-15
    POLS 4951 - Education Policy in Canada (Charlotte Henderson)
    POLS 4951 - Comparative Federalism (Lexia Simmons)
    POLS 4951 - Comparative Health Policy (Helen Walsh)
  • 2013-14
    POLS 4951 - Youth Political Engagement (Julia Duncan)
    POLS 4951 - Disability and the United Nations (Brynne Langford)
    POLS 4951 - Ethics and Government (Veronique Donelle)

Independent Summer Student Research Projects (funded)

  • 2018
    Matthew Klohn. Connecting the Streams: The Politics of Lyme Disease
    Noah Fry. Equity, Inclusion and Respect: Understanding and Preventing Personal Harassment in Post-Secondary Institutions
    Charlotte Henderson. The Role of High School Curriculum in the Development of Canadian Citizenship (co-supervised with Dr. F. Antonelli, Sociology)
    Brynne Langford. The Symbolic Relevance of Politicians with Disabilities in British Columbia

Grants, awards, & honours

2016   $47,486 (2 yrs) SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Levesque, Mario. "Fostering the Next Wave of Disability Leaders."

2016   $7,800 – Accessible Transit Study - II Governance Options. City of Dieppe, NB.

2015   $224,042 (4 yrs) SSHRC Insight Grant. Clancy, Peter and Mario Levesque (CO-PIs). “Environmental Governance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: Contested Political Relations in a Canadian Inland Sea.” See project website at

2014   $1,500 – Pilot Project, Disability Leadership. Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission.

2014   $4,843 – Dieppe Disability Transit Study. City of Dieppe, NB.

2013   $6,600 – Voices in Harmony Project. Patient engagement subcomponent as part of Voices in Harmony Project. Principal Investigator: Michel Johnson, Université de Moncton.