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Miyako Oe

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The study of Japanese language at Mount Allison was introduced in 1993 as one of the unique offerings of the university. I had the privilege of constructing and developing the program, and have been teaching all courses to date.  Prior to teaching Japanese, I worked in the field of psychology focusing on comparative studies in personality and language development.  This previous work is reflected in my teaching.  I consider it valuable to compare and share the variety of languages and cultures that students bring to class each year.  Throughout the course, students are encouraged to recognize the differences and similarities between Japanese language/culture and their own.  A cross-cultural approach certainly enhances understanding of a second language. 

Externally, I work closely with colleagues from universities across Canada for various projects. From 2006 to 2012, I served as president for the Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE), which provides a forum for faculty members of universities/schools in Canada (and US and Japan). Currently I work as a committee member of the Canadian National Speech Contest.


BA, MA. Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan (Developmental Psychology)


 Conference Papers:

"The medium of instruction in teaching of Japanese Studies in Canada", discussing the liaison between the target language and content of Japanese Studies such as literature, linguistics, history, geography, etc., JSAA-ICJLE 2009, Sydney, Australia, July 2009

“Network of Japanese Language Education in the age of globalization”, ICJLE 2008,  Pusan, Korea, July 2008

“Creative writing in the second language No. 2”, CAJLE 2005 Annual Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada, August 2005

“Creative writing in the second language No. 1”, CAJLE 2004 Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 2005


Non-Refereed Publications:

Allard, J., Fujinaga, T. and Oe, M.  (1991).  A comparison between three Japanese synonyms for “intelligence”.  Human Developmental Research, Vol. 7

Allard, J., Fujinaga, T. and Oe, M.  (1989).  A cross-cultural study of the concept of “intelligent person” – French and English Canadian and Japanese concepts.  Human Developmental Research, Vol. 5

Oe, M.  (1985).  Canada Report:  A comparative study of the Canadian and Japanese educational systems, mass media and social welfare systems.  Studies on Human Development, Ochanomizu University

Research interests

Japanese language pedagogy, Comparative Studies in languages/cultures



JAPA1001/1011 Introductory Japanese

JAPA2001/2011 Intermediate Japanese