Deleting Elements of the Sketch

Deletion of one or many elements of the sketch occurs by right-clicking after selecting an item(s). From the drop-down menu, selecting Delete will cause the element(s) and all associated elements to be deleted. Entities, edges, and constraints are all deleted in the same manner.

Deleting a Single Element

Select the element to be deleted by left-clicking on the element. A selected element will appear with the selection color.

Right-click anywhere on the screen to bring up the drop down menu. Select Delete from the menu.

The highlighted element, along with any associated elements will now be deleted. There is no way to recover an element once it has been deleted.

Deleting Multiple Elements

To delete multiple items at a time, click and drag to produce a highlight box. Any element which is wholly within the box will be selected. Alternatively, hold the shift key as multiple items are selected. All selected items appear with a dashed line.

Selecting Delete from the right-click drop box will delete all selected items, along with any associated elements. There is no way to recover these elements once they have been deleted.