Assigning User-Defined Settings

Easik allows the user to set simple global settings applicable to every instance of Easik. This settings are stored in a separate file from the program, and are loaded dynamically each time EASIK is opened.

To set the program settings or determine the current settings, select Program Settings from the Settings menu. A dialog box will then appear displaying the current settings and allowing the user to modify the settings.

Once changed, the settings will not become permanent until the user exits Easik.

Setting the Default File Path

Easik allows the user to specify which directory is the default directory to look for files upon open, or write files to save. Though this is the default directory, if the user changes the working directory while opening or saving a file, Easik will remember the last location used, and any future open or save dialogs will commence at that point for the remainder of the current Easik instance.

The three possible default settings are:

Last Used Folder

Easik open and save dialogs will present the last used folder to the user as the default folder. This will change if the user's last save or open location was different than the previous one. This folder can be anywhere on the user system or on an external drive.

Running Directory

Easik open and save dialogs will present the folder which contains the Easik application as the default folder.

Specific Folder

Easik open and save dialogs will present the folder which the user defines. Should this file no longer exist, Easik will default to the running directory, however the program settings will not be modified.

Setting Attribute Visibility

Along with being able to toggle attribute visibility, the user can set whether the attributes of a sketch are initally visible or hidden for any new sketch or loaded sketch.

Setting Sketch Colors

Users can define the colors of elements of the sketch. These elements can each be defined to have a different color, and these colors will become visible immediately after effecting the changes. These colors cannot be stored individually for each sketch, i.e. the colors of entities will not remain constant for saved files should the user change the color settings.

Resetting User Settings

Currently, the only way to reset the user settings is to delete the Easik.ini file, located in the same folder as the Easik application. If this file is deleted, Easik will automatically set the user settings back to the default values.

It should be noted that if the user deletes the Easik.ini file, all settings will be reverted, including the list of previously accessed files.

To successfully reset the settings, delete the Easik.ini file while the Easik program is closed.