Moving Elements of the Sketch

Moving of elements can occur by selecting either a single element, or by selecting many elements to move simultaneously, keeping their relative positions constant.

Moving Entities

To move an entity, select the entity to be moved. Holding down the left button, drag the entity to the new location. Upon releasing the button, the entity will now be situated in the new position, and the position of any associated elements will be adjusted accordingly. The associated XML file is updated upon the next save.

Moving Edges

It is not possible to move an edge independently from its associated entities as they are automatically redrawn when the graph model changes. Once edges has been moved, to reset their position just select another element and the edges will be redrawn properly. However, upon moving an entity, any associated edges will be moved.

Edge labels, however, can be moved by selecting the label and moving it to the new position. Should the edge be required to move later, due to the movement of an associated entity, the edge label's position will remain relative to its edge. The edge label's position cannot be saved.

Moving Constraints

Moving a constraint occurs in the same manner as moving an entity.