Class ProductConstraint

  extended by easik.sketch.vertex.SketchVertex
      extended by easik.sketch.constraint.Constraint
          extended by easik.sketch.constraint.ProductConstraint

public class ProductConstraint
extends Constraint

Represents the product constraint. Contains a list of paths which all share a source.

2006-05-25 Vera Ranieri
Kevin Green 2006, Vera Ranieri 2006

Field Summary
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_constraintLabel, _constraintNode, _edges, _isVisible, _paths, _visuals
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_marked, _name, _posX, _posY
Constructor Summary
ProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths)
          Product constraint constructor.
ProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths, int x, int y, boolean isVisible)
          Product constraint constructor.
Method Summary
static boolean isProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList paths)
          Method to determine whether a given set of paths could legally create a product constraint.
 void setPaths(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths)
          Sets the path array, updates edge list, and updates display
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Constructor Detail


public ProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths)
Product constraint constructor. Accepts an ArrayList that can have any number of paths. Gives default coordinates.

inPaths - An ArrayList of SketchPaths


public ProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths,
                         int x,
                         int y,
                         boolean isVisible)
Product constraint constructor. Accepts coordinates in constructor to allow for user-defined visual placement.

inPaths - An ArrayList of SketchPaths
x - X coordinate of visual on graph
y - Y coordinate of visual on graph
isVisible - If the constraint is visible in the graph or not
Method Detail


public void setPaths(java.util.ArrayList<SketchPath> inPaths)
Sets the path array, updates edge list, and updates display

inPaths - The new array of paths


public static boolean isProductConstraint(java.util.ArrayList paths)
Method to determine whether a given set of paths could legally create a product constraint.

paths - The paths potentially involved in a product constraint
True if a legal path configuration, false otherwise
2006-05-25 Vera Ranieri