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Packages that use ExportHandler

Uses of ExportHandler in easik.sketch.util

Methods in easik.sketch.util with parameters of type ExportHandler
static boolean SketchFileIO.initializeExportHandlerFromXML( inputFile, ExportHandler eHandler)
          Method to initialize an ExportHandler from a supplied XML file

Uses of ExportHandler in easik.sketch.util.Export

Fields in easik.sketch.util.Export declared as ExportHandler
private  ExportHandler SketchToSchema._eHandler
          The export handler associated with this sketch

Methods in easik.sketch.util.Export that return ExportHandler
static ExportHandler SaveForSQL.saveAction(java.lang.String platform)
          Prompts user if current sketch is unsaved.

Constructors in easik.sketch.util.Export with parameters of type ExportHandler
SketchToSchema(ExportHandler sh, java.lang.String name)
          This is the constructor that takes the ExportHandler containing information via the XML file (that is, bypassing all sketch information) and provides the output schema.

Uses of ExportHandler in easik.sketch.util.Export.Database

Fields in easik.sketch.util.Export.Database declared as ExportHandler
private  ExportHandler DatabaseBuilder._sqlHandler
          The handler made from the file

Constructors in easik.sketch.util.Export.Database with parameters of type ExportHandler
DatabaseBuilder(ExportHandler sh, DatabaseUI db)
          Creates a new database builder which forms a connection to the database.

Uses of ExportHandler in easik.sketch.util.Export.Text

Constructors in easik.sketch.util.Export.Text with parameters of type ExportHandler
SQLFileBuilder(ExportHandler sh)
          Create a new SQLFileBuilder from the current sketch.
TextBuilder(SQLFileBuilder fileBuilder, ExportHandler sh, java.lang.String name)