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Packages that use EntityNode

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch

Fields in easik.sketch with type parameters of type EntityNode
private  java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,EntityNode> Sketch._entityNodes
          Hash Map of all entity nodes, indexed by their name

Methods in easik.sketch with parameters of type EntityNode
 void Sketch.addEntity(EntityNode theEntity)
          Add an entity to the graph, deals with all of the dependencies.
 void Sketch.removeEntity(EntityNode toRemove)
          Removes an entity, and also cascades to remove all the arrows involved with it.

Method parameters in easik.sketch with type arguments of type EntityNode
 void Sketch.initialiseFromData(java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,EntityNode> entityNodes, java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,org.jgrapht.graph.DefaultEdge> edges, java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,SketchPath> paths, java.util.LinkedList<Constraint> constraints, java.util.ArrayList dataTypes, DocumentInfo head, boolean inMySQL, boolean inOracle, boolean inDB2, boolean inXML, boolean inUserDefined)
          Used to initialise a new sketch based on provided data (usually from the Sketch loading methods).

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch.attribute

Fields in easik.sketch.attribute declared as EntityNode
private  EntityNode UniqueKeyUI._entity
          The current entity node
private  EntityNode UniqueKey._parent
          The entity node to which this key applies

Methods in easik.sketch.attribute that return EntityNode
 EntityNode UniqueKey.getParent()
          Returns the parent entity for the key

Methods in easik.sketch.attribute with parameters of type EntityNode
static boolean EntityAttribute.isAttNameUsed(EntityNode inNode, java.lang.String attName)
          Check to see if an attribute name is already used in the entity
static boolean UniqueKey.isKeyNameUsed(EntityNode inNode, java.lang.String keyName)
          Returns if the name of a key is already used
static boolean UniqueKey.isKeyUnique(EntityNode inNode, java.lang.String keyID)
          Returns if the key is unique or if another key exists with the exact same attributes
static boolean EntityAttribute.isProtectedName(EntityNode parent, java.lang.String attName)
          Determines whether an attribute name is protected.
static void UniqueKey.testUnique(EntityNode inNode)
          Tests to see if there is any duplicate unique keys

Constructors in easik.sketch.attribute with parameters of type EntityNode
UniqueKey(EntityNode inParent, java.util.ArrayList<EntityAttribute> inAtts, java.lang.String inName)
          Default constructor
UniqueKeyUI(EntityNode inEntity)
          Creates a dialog box prompting the user for input.
UniqueKeyUI(EntityNode inEntity, UniqueKey inKey)
          Creates a dialog box prompting the user for input.

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch.constraint

Methods in easik.sketch.constraint with parameters of type EntityNode
 boolean Constraint.isDomainOrCoDomain(EntityNode inEntity)
          Tests to see if an entity is either the domain or co-domain of any of the paths involved in the constraint

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch.edge

Fields in easik.sketch.edge declared as EntityNode
private  EntityNode SketchEdge._sourceObj
          The entity node that acts as this edge's source
private  EntityNode SketchEdge._targetObj
          The entity node that acts as this edge's target

Constructors in easik.sketch.edge with parameters of type EntityNode
SketchEdge(EntityNode a, EntityNode b, java.lang.String unique, boolean oneone)
          Creates a new arrow and gives it a name indicative of its source and target.

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch.path

Fields in easik.sketch.path declared as EntityNode
private  EntityNode SketchPath._coDomain
          The codomain of this path
private  EntityNode SketchPath._domain
          The domain of this path

Methods in easik.sketch.path that return EntityNode
 EntityNode SketchPath.getCoDomain()
          Returns the codomain of the path
 EntityNode SketchPath.getDomain()
          Returns the domain of the path

Constructors in easik.sketch.path with parameters of type EntityNode
SketchPath(EntityNode inEntity)
          Default constructor takes one entity

Uses of EntityNode in easik.sketch.util

Fields in easik.sketch.util declared as EntityNode
private  EntityNode SketchHandler._newNode
          The current entity node

Fields in easik.sketch.util with type parameters of type EntityNode
private  java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,EntityNode> SketchHandler._entityNodes
          The entity nodes of the sketch, indexed by name

Methods in easik.sketch.util that return types with arguments of type EntityNode
 java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,EntityNode> SketchHandler.getEntities()
          Returns HashMap of entities

Uses of EntityNode in easik.ui.tree

Methods in easik.ui.tree with parameters of type EntityNode
 void InfoTreeUI.addEntity(EntityNode inEntity)
          Adds an entity and its attributes to the tree
 void InfoTreeUI.removeEntity(EntityNode toRemove)
          Removes an entity from the tree