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The Project

For some years, Michael Johnson, Robert Rosebrugh and others have been developing a new data model called the Sketch Data Model (SkDM). It is related to the Entity Relation Attribute (ERA) model and uses the category-theoretic concept of sketch.

A variety of software is available to provide a graphical environment for designing entity-relational diagrams (ERDs), and for translating these into a database description in a database language such as SQL. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity-relationship_model for some examples.

The Easik project is intended to implement the enhancement of the ERA design advantage obtained by using the SkDM. The enhancement includes simple and precise constraint expressiveness, but also the cleaner visual design afforded by the need for fewer types.

For more information about the project please take a look at our paper Implementing Easik 1.0