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A PDF version of the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar is available here.

1. Welcome to Mount Allison University
2. Glossary of Academic Terms and Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events 2009-2010
Provisional Calendar of Events 2010-2011 (subject to change)

3. Admission

3.1. Contact Information
3.2. Admission to the University
3.3. Minimum General Admission Requirements
3.4. Additional Admission Requirements
3.5. Notes on Entry to First-Year Courses
3.6. Requirements for Non-Canadian Education Systems
3.7. English Requirements
3.8. Mature Students
3.9. Admission with Advanced Standing
3.10. Transfer Students
3.11. Visiting Students
3.12. Exchange Students
3.13. Special Circumstances
3.14. Graduate Studies

4. Fees

4.1. Fees and Expenses
4.2. Deposits for Full-Time Students
4.3. Payment of Fees
4.4. Late Fees and Interest Charges
4.5. Withdrawals and Student Accounts

5. Financial Assistance

5.1. Scholarships
5.2. Bursaries
5.3. Pre-Theological Bursaries
5.4. Special Summer Research Scholarships
5.5. The Donald A. Cameron Student Loan Fund

6. Academic Regulations

6.1. Registration Procedures
6.2. Changes in Registration/Programs (Fall and Winter terms)
6.3. Withdrawal from University
6.4. Advanced Placement
6.5. Transfer Credits
6.6. Degree Requirements
6.7. Degree with Distinction Requirements
6.8. Honours Degree Requirements
6.9. Second Undergraduate Degree Requirements
6.10. Honours Certificate
6.11. Grading System
6.12. Standards of Performance
6.13. Academic Offences
6.14. Missed Coursework or Tests
6.15. Examination Regulations
6.16. Continuous Learning
6.17. Transcripts
6.18. Replacement/Duplicate Diplomas
6.19. Graduation/Convocation
6.20. Notification of Disclosure of Personal Information to Statistics Canada
6.21. Email Communication

7. Academic Programs

7.1. B.A. and B. Sc. General Regulations
7.2. Bachelor of Arts
7.3. Bachelor of Science
7.4. Master of Science
7.5. Bachelor of Commerce
7.6. Bachelor of Music
7.7. Bachelor of Fine Arts
7.8. Certificate of Bilingualism
7.9. Certificat De Bilinguisme
7.10. Pre-Professional Requirements
7.11. International Programs

8. Continuous Learning

8.1. Miramichi First Year at Home Program
8.2. Moncton Program
8.3. Correspondence Program
8.4. Spring/Summer Term Courses
8.5. Seminars and Workshops
8.6. Fees
8.7. Financial Aid
8.8. Courses Through Continuous Learning as Part of a Normal Course Load
8.9. Overload Courses Through Continuous Learning
8.10. Deadlines and Extensions for Correspondence Courses
8.11. Withdrawal from Correspondence Courses
8.12. Withdrawal from Spring/Summer Term Courses (non-correspondence)
8.13. Contact Information

9. Programs and Courses of Instruction

American Studies
Art History
Canadian Public Policy
Canadian Studies
Cognitive Science
Commerce/Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies
Computer Science
Drama Studies
English Literatures
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Fine Arts
French Studies
Geography and Environment
German Studies
Hispanic Studies
International Economics and Business
International Relations
Japanese Studies
Modern Languages and Literatures
Political Science
Religious Studies
Sociology / Anthropology
Spanish Studies
Women's Studies

10. Co-Curricular Life

10.1. The Student Union
10.2. The Argosy Weekly
10.3. CHMA FM
10.4. Garnet and Gold Society
10.5. Windsor Theatre
10.6. Student Entertainment Office
10.7. Residence Council
10.8. The Tantramarsh Club
10.9. Student Employment
10.10. Accommodation
10.11. Department of Physical Recreation and Athletics
10.12. Religious Life on Campus
10.13. Student Life
10.14. Student Life Resources
10.15. Services for Students With Disabilities

11. General Information

11.1. The Mount Allison University Libraries and Archives
11.2. The Libraries' Endowment Funds
11.3. The Mount Allison Federated Alumni, Inc.
11.4. Computer Facilities
11.5. Mount Allison University Bookstore
11.6. Banking Services
11.7. Performing Arts Series

12. Personnel

12.1. Officers of the University
12.2. The Regents of Mount Allison
12.3. The Senate of Mount Allison
12.4. Officers of Administration
12.5. Chancellors Emeriti
12.6. Presidents Emeriti
12.7. Registrars Emeriti
12.8. Professors Emeriti
12.9. Librarians Emeriti
12.10. Academic Staff
12.11. Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research
12.12. Student Life
12.13. Department of Physical Recreation and Athletics


1. Lectureships, Trusts and Fellowships
2. Endowed Chairs
3. Faculty Awards
4. Scholarships
5. Bursaries
6. Pre-Theological Funds
7. Prizes


5 Financial Assistance

5.1 Scholarships

Mount Allison is interested in attracting the most well-rounded and involved student citizens from across Canada and abroad every year and is fortunate in being endowed with funds to financially reward and assist them in their studies. Every student has the opportunity to earn a scholarship, regardless of the degree program or the year of study. Mount Allison attempts to make scholarship funds available on an equitable basis across the entire student population.

5.1.1 Eligibility

The University awards scholarships to entering students for academic achievement and extracurricular involvement. Students need not apply for these scholarships, as consideration for scholarship eligibility is automatic and part of the Admissions process. All entering students who indicate the intention to pursue a career in the field of Medicine will automatically be considered for the Goodridge Scholarship. The deadline for application is March 15.

5.1.2 Entrance Scholarships

Scholarships awarded to entering students are tenable as long as the student is carrying a full course load of 30.0 credits over the Fall and Winter terms, and all other conditions of the award are fulfilled. Entrance scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 and most are fully renewable as stated in the scholarship offer letter.

5.1.3 The Bell Scholarship

Established in 2002 as the premier entrance scholarship at Mount Allison, the Bell Scholarship celebrates students who have demonstrated strong academic ability, leadership potential, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, work experience, and good citizenship. To be considered for this prestigious scholarship, applicants must ensure that the required documentation is submitted to the university along with the application for admission by the application deadline of March 15th. Six awards are offered with a value of $48,000 and five awards are offered with a value of $32,000. Visit the Bell Scholarship web site for detailed information on how to apply. <www.mta.ca> or contact financial_aid@mta.ca

5.1.4 The Confederation Scholarships

The Mount Allison Confederation Scholarships, available to students from each Canadian province, recognize students who not only have high academic records, but who also display a commitment to good citizenship and community outreach.

The Mount Allison Confederation Scholarships are full-tuition entrance scholarships available to new students across Canada and are renewable at $5,000 annually for three years. All students applying to Mount Allison by March 15 will be automatically considered for the Confederation Scholarship in their respective home provinces. One student from each province and one from the three territories will be selected. One full-tuition (domestic) scholarship, also renewable for three years at $5,000 annually, is being offered to International Baccalaureate program graduates and International Students.

5.1.5 Scholarships for Returning Students

All students who attend Mount Allison will be considered for scholarships after their first year of study. The University Scholarships will be awarded annually to students, not holding an entrance scholarship, enrolled in a full course load and who achieve a GPA of 3.7.

5.2 Bursaries

The Mount Allison bursary program provides assistance to full-time and part-time students who demonstrate financial need and who have exhausted all other avenues of support. Prior to applying for a Mount Allison bursary, applicants should apply to their province or country of residence for financial aid. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need to students who have made satisfactory academic progress. Students needing assistance are encouraged to obtain an application form early in the term. Application forms are found on the Registrar's Office web page.

5.2.1 Entrance Bursary Program

Mount Allison's Entrance Bursary Program has been established to offer assistance to students who have financial need in order to provide access to post-secondary education and to help them successfully complete their studies within a reasonable time period. Bursaries “are determined based on financial need and are intended to supplement, but not replace, the student's own resources and the resources of the applicant's immediate family.” Financial need is established when a student can demonstrate that his/her expenses exceed his/her resources. This financial aid component was designed to help entering students with exceptional financial need who show academic promise. Students must first be accepted for admission at Mount Allison before the Entrance Bursary application is processed. Completed Entrance Bursary applications must be received by the deadline date each year, as noted on the application, in order to be considered. Students starting in January are not eligible for this award. To maintain their eligibility, students must also apply to their province for a student loan.

5.2.2 President's Advisory Committee International Student Entrance Bursary Program

The International Student Bursary Fund is administered by the President's Advisory Committee on International Students - Financial (PACIS-F) and offers a limited number of renewable International Student Entrance Bursaries to qualified applicants. In addition to financial need, applicants will be considered on a variety of factors such as academic standing and extracurricular involvement. In order to be considered for one of these awards, applicants must provide an outline of extracurricular activities and letters of reference that will support your application.

5.3 Pre-Theological Bursaries

Various forms of financial assistance are available to students at Mount Allison who intend to study theology and enter some form of Christian Ministry.

5.3.1 The Mount Allison Theological Fund

The Mount Allison Theological Fund is administered by the Pre-Theological student advisor and is used in a variety of ways for the benefit of pre-theological students. Monies from the fund are available to students in the form of loans and bursaries. Various denominations provide assistance to students in Arts who intend to study for some form of Christian ministry. Information can be obtained from the Pre-Theological student advisor. In addition, some theological schools offer scholarships and bursaries to students in Arts who undertake to study theology at the theological school concerned. Pine Hill Divinity Hall (the United Church component of the Atlantic School of Theology) offers grants to students preparing for the ministry in the United Church. Students must commit themselves to taking full courses in Theology at the Atlantic School of Theology and plan to work for at least two years thereafter for the United Church of Canada. Students who do not fulfill these conditions are expected to arrange for repayment of monies received.

5.3.2 Application Procedure

Advanced applications are not necessary for Pre-Theological bursaries, but students who wish to apply should contact the Pre-Theological student advisor at the beginning of the academic year.

5.4 Special Summer Research Scholarships

Mount Allison students may apply for a Summer Research Scholarship which allows students to work closely with faculty by assisting in active research projects. This is an opportunity to better understand research methods and actively engage in research in areas of special interest.

R. Thomas M. Allan Summer Research Scholarship
Bell Junior Research Fellowships
Dr. Harold E. Bigelow Scholarship
R.P. Chapman Scholarship
Class of '46 Summer Scholarship
Crake Junior Research Fellowships
Goodridge Summer Fellowships
NBTEL Student Research Scholarship
Petrocan Research Fellowships
Universitas Research Fellowships

5.5 The Donald A. Cameron Student Loan Fund

Donald A. Cameron served this University as Registrar from 1959 to 1986, following a term as Assistant Professor of Education. He obtained a B.Sc. in 1950 from Mount Allison University. In 1952-53, he held a Lord Beaverbrook Overseas Scholarship and received a Diploma in English Educational Thought and Practice from the University of London in 1953. Upon his retirement as Registrar in 1986, and in recognition of his long and distinguished service, the University established the Donald A. Cameron Student Loan Fund from which students with financial need and good academic standing might be able to obtain assistance. Interested students may apply to the Financial Aid and Awards Counsellor.

Note: See Appendix—sections 4 and 5 for listing of Scholarships and Bursaries


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