A Brief Introduction to Pitch-Class Set Analysis


I. Gathering Sets
  1. Basic axioms: pitch classes
  2. Intervals and interval classes
  3. Analysis and segmentation
  4. Pitch-class sets and normal form
  5. Pitch-class set classes and prime form
  6. Set classes and interval-class content
  7. Sizes of sets
  8. Set-class tables; Forte's set-class names
  9. Quick review: levels of abstraction
II. Interpreting Sets
  1. The uses of pc-set analysis
  2. Invariance relations and set symmetry
  3. Inclusion relations: subsets and supersets
  4. Z-relations
  5. Complement relations
  6. Similarity relations, complexes, and genera
  7. Referential pcs, centricity, and tonality
  8. Ordered sets; serial music

Pc-Set Calculator, by David Walters
Table of pc-set classes
Other sources

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